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It's rare that a band can pull together so many different
styles within the punk/hardcore realm and create something
so new and interesting that it's just impossible to lump it
into one category or genre. Circle Takes the Square lives
among this elite pack and their debut full-length is
nothing short of amazing. Absolutely scathing and
pain-filled vocals overlay fast and frantic overdriven
guitars coupled with wild bass lines, all structured by a
backbone of stylish and intense mind-blowing drumming. It's
almost like the More...

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the explanation for the whole album | Reviewer: strife from the inside
    ------ About the song Non-Objective Portrait Of Karma performed by Circle Takes The Square

Guess what guys?

I'm pretty sure this is a concept album, though I may have just listened to it a bit too much and over-analyzed everything. But it makes sense! Take my metaphorical hand: I'm going to walk you through this.

Intro: A song about the birth of a thought in the head of a man.
Same Shade as Concrete: Our man begins to question Religion and the validity of god. in this process, a new idea is sparked...
Crowquill: Man (let's just call him Jerry for the lovely sake of reference) decides that he will kill himself. He will end his own life to find out if god exists. He writes a note (Or a crow-quilled threnody) and plans for his departure.
In The Nervous Light: Jerry goes down a path of recollection before his death. He silences himself, closes his eyes, takes a breath and jumps out the window. But our friend Jerry didn't think the whole thing through. He regrets his decision on the way down, but it's too late.
Interview at the Ruins: Jerry is no more. The living public is temporarily alive with excitement over the recent suicide, since it gives them something to talk about. Jerry is buried.
Non-Objective Portrait of Karma: The entire opening is to signify ascension. Jerry was successful, and he is indeed rising to heaven above. But when he arrives, he doesn't like what he sees. You see, heaven isn't all its cracked up to be. It is full of terrible things, angels who feast upon your energy because God is corrupt, and that's how he runs the place.
Kill the Switch: Longest song on the album for a reason. This song is about the murder of God. Jerry forms a mutiny. Everyone in heaven takes down the corruption that is God to try and acheive a true utopia, a perfect society. But they forget that perfection cannot really exist, since the definition of something so abstract varies. Heaven had always needed a leader. So they appointed our friend Jerry to take the place of God.
A Crater to Cough In: Notice the similarities between this track and the first? Of course you do. Thats because its a form of rebirth. Jerry is God. But over time, he becomes just as corrupt with power. It becomes cyclical. The angels stage a mutiny against Jerry at the end, and he is, in turn, killed again in the search for perfection. As jerry is dying for the second time, he is again full of regret. But there is nothing he can do but accept what he had become and fade into memory.

DAMN that was a lot of typing. Okay. So thats my theory. Maybe i'm crazy, maybe not. But lyrically, this album exceeds anything. And's so difficult to capture the beauty and violence this album portrays. There are only three people in this band. TALENT. This is definately the greatest, most powerful album i have ever heard. EVER. it is impossible to describe, but you will NEVER forget it. Buy it. Do it. Now.

i didn't get it for love. | Reviewer: tiengo
    ------ About the song Non-Objective Portrait Of Karma performed by Circle Takes The Square

I don't think the song is about love, but about being human, maybe the pain in being human (some Nietzsche & Schopenhauer influence, maybe). "Ignorance is bliss" is pretty obvious to me (every single 'genious' that crossed this planet suffered a lot for being above average). So, every time someone rises above avarage, the consequence is suffering. the rest of this verse is about trying to escape from human stupidities and constantly being pulled back into those stupidities. The "Knife of relief" is probably sinking into one of those idiotic concepts (i'm guessing religion, but can't really state that without knowing the lyricist's beliefs) so one can sleep at night (or die).

The "language as a game" is probably about dialetics, i'm guessing these guys read Adorno or something like that, cuz Adorno said that language is a concept that define things, and truth is not in the concept or in the thing itself, but in everything that escapes through the concept and the thing. "the dimension of persistence condemns" is about how we persist in language to seek this so-called truth, when in fact real TRUTH will never be achieved, thus 'condemning' us (humans) to seek the truth but never finding it. And to finish this part of the song, the line "text book seduction" reafirms what i've just said. (I could be tripping, but i don't think so).

the next part(until the end) is all about animosity, like how humans behave like irrational animals, destroying everything and everyone to reach the so-called 'top'.

this is my interpretation of the song, trying to define the human 'journey' through life.

sorry if I made any grammar mistakes or anything like that, but i'm brazilian and i haven't used my english in a LONG time...

Circle Takes The Square | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Patchwork Neurology performed by Circle Takes The Square

this song is filled with emotion the power of this song is wounderfull it just makes me think about all the good times well that sounds strange but i have been to alot of bands playing and they play sort of like this but this is just pure power this reminds me and all my friends when we whent to the i killed the prom queen.

explaining those lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Non-Objective Portrait Of Karma performed by Circle Takes The Square

To whomever posted below me, it's called poetry. There doesn't need to be any literal translation of there words that have to make sense in your head. What I personally have gotten to be the overall theme to this song is a person who is having incredibly mixed feelings about love. Whether it really exists and whether or not he could take a chance to reach out to somebody ("so I chose to live this life alone, without the teeth marks, but I predict, I'll have to sink my fangs in someone else's heart to heal my own.")

To try and explain what the parts you mentioned, I believe they're speaking about body language of sorts, maybe getting confused signals ("surveying this language as a game, surveilence of this language as the plague"). Why the human race hasn't evolved past these 'primitive behaviors' could relate to the next line ("the dimension of persistence condemns"). OR, language could refer to love itself and the singer has become so cynical that he truly sees this 'language' as becoming a plague. This is just one of MANY interpretations one could get out of this, you can't take poetry for literal face value, it's more or less reading between the lines....

The Circle | Reviewer: Mariah
    ------ About the song A Crater To Cough In performed by Circle Takes The Square

This is a beautiful song. All the ones by CTTS seem to be. The lyrics of each song are more poetic than those of the last. Great drummer, amazing vocalist, and a very talented guitarist. It's just what I was always looking for...the lyrics are a verbal puzzle, so beautiful, created with such thought and artistry. In all sullen honesty, the band is terrific. It's even more than that. It's just a shame they're not as well-known as they ought to be.

nopok | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Non-Objective Portrait Of Karma performed by Circle Takes The Square

this song is really amazing and as for the lyrics i like them but they are either all methaphores or just random shit

wonderous | Reviewer: wilting memories of our struggle for escape
    ------ About the song Non-Objective Portrait Of Karma performed by Circle Takes The Square

is one of the best songs i have ever heard
circle takes the square has become one of my most favorite bands ever

Modern Shakespeare | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A Crater To Cough In performed by Circle Takes The Square

Completely overlooked, Circle takes the Square's Lyrics are so Sophisticated in meter and metaphor I have never heard a modern poet who can achieve such. Truly comparable to Shakespeare's finest sonnets

Circle Takes The Square | Reviewer: Kevin Kennedy
    ------ About the song Patchwork Neurology performed by Circle Takes The Square

This had to grow on me. The first time I heard it, I wasn't fond of it. But, the more I listened to it, the more I enjoyed it. It's fast-paced, and filled with emotion. The lyrics are among the most well-written I've ever heard.

AMAZINGly AWSOME | Reviewer: The Tree
    ------ About the song We're Sustained By The Corpse Of A Fallen Constellation performed by Circle Takes The Square

the best hardcore song ever made. like bleeding poetry, spurring out of a silenced soul. basically..the soug is awsome!!

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