Circa Survive Lyrics

Whatever you think Circa Survive’s new album means, you’re
right. However you understand the lyrics, in whichever way
you construe the melodies, whatever emotions rise within
you, whether it generates nostalgia or pain or hope or
something you can’t name, Blue Sky Noise expands to
encompass any possible perception of itself.

The Doylestown, PA-based band’s multi-faceted sound has
always allowed infinite space for interpretation, melding
intricate prog and mind-bending psychedelia with massive
riffs and singer Anthony Green’s More...

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Review about Circa Survive songs
Oh my gosh. | Reviewer: Rachel
    ------ About the song The Greatest Lie performed by Circa Survive

This song is written beautifully, but it is also composed flawlessly. Anthony's vocals in this song make me shutter. The words are phenomical, but something about the riffs in the chorus and the melody of the song, his killer, passionate screams, they all perfectly portray the desperation and disappointment he feels. He is so good. To write like this is one thing, but to sing it with the enthusiasm and passion that he does is another. You feel every words ust as much as he does. Definitely my favorite Circa song. My fiance showed them to me when we met. He's getting one of Esao's paitings (The artist of their album art.) tattood on his back.

Idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Greatest Lie performed by Circa Survive

Idiots idiots idiots. The person saying that the song is against homosexual relationships is THE FURTHEST thing Anthony Green is trying to put across. The greatest lie is the title, he mentions god a lot but its not about believing. And to the person saying that hes saying god will forgive you, hes not saying that either.

We believe in something invisible, the sense of smell youve used your whole life (meaning the idea you have followed all your life) now you know your father has lied. Father can be taken as either both God or your own. But its saying that its all "the greatest lie"

Amazing YEAH YEAH | Reviewer: Penile
    ------ About the song Julian performed by Circa Survive

I listened to the Harry song and i couldnt get it up. I listened to this song and i couldnt keep it down. This song is beautiful. It sways with the wind along with my bon....Boney arms. This is a complete and total.... UTTER PIECE OF PENILE SHIT! But it's so amazing at the same time. My dog is jizzing on the mirror now! Anyway I have to go clean it up now. BYE! oh wait i think my pants are sticky. :S

9/23/10 You are wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song In Fear And Faith performed by Circa Survive

Most of the tracks from Circa's Juturna are inspired by Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. Anthony Green has stated himself that a lot of the inspiration from this album has come from that movie. If you need further evidence, the titles of the tracks "Wish Resign" and "Meet me in Montauk" come directly from the movie itself. I think it's really neat that such an amazing artist was inspired by such an amazing movie.

Fail. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Greatest Lie performed by Circa Survive

Anthony Green has stated that he is not religious, and that this entire album is about him losing his faith. Nice try, god-fuckers.

"Desire, I would try it either way
We believe in something invisible
The sense of smell that you use all your life
Well now you know your father lied"

You ignore this part. Typical fucking blinders.

My feelings toward this song | Reviewer: Tanner Mussomeli
    ------ About the song The Greatest Lie performed by Circa Survive

Are you kidding me? Anthony will be the last person to write lyrics on his feelings toward god. But I believe lyrics are what you want to make them to meen,if we didnt, why would we pay attention? This song reminded me EXACTLY how I felt when I tried a pill called 2CE,which is acid in pill form. It was to intense,and it was nonstop tripping for about 12 hours. Hence "If I could get this feeling to end" And "Tremble idling hands holding me there" When I was tripping I couldn't move, My hands were in the same position shaking for the entire time. "Desire, i would try it either way" My feelings towards taking it. I was unsure, and I was right, i will never do it again "It's all we have so lets find a place to begin" Me and my bro, bout to drop it. AGAIN: This is just how it relates to my life.

adamfinley | Reviewer: adam finley
    ------ About the song Always Getting What You Want performed by Circa Survive

favorite song maybe of the whole bands music. house of leaves is pretty good as well. i dig their old stuff as to their new stuff but they still are my favorite band to go along with my favorite artist anthony and guitarist colin

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song House Of Leaves performed by Circa Survive

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Once Again... | Reviewer: SchustaRoosta
    ------ About the song In Fear And Faith performed by Circa Survive

This song is just another example of how great Anthony Green is. Not only is the actual writing pure genius but the actual note progression is just ripe to say the least. But then again, it is what I would expect from Circa. They always deliver.

Fantastic | Reviewer: reggie
    ------ About the song The Greatest Lie performed by Circa Survive

I think the title of this song could be an allusion the the novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, which mentions how some people decide to believe "The World's Greatest Lie", which is the idea that a person's actions cannot change the ultimate fate that will overcome them. This could also tie in to the religion idea as well.

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