Circa Survive Albums

  • Violent Waves Album (8/28/2012)
    Birth Of The Economic Hit Man
    Sharp Practice
    The Lottery
    My Only Friend
    Think Of Me When They Sound
    Brother Song
    Bird Sounds
    Blood From A Stone
    I'll Find A Way

  • Appendage Album (11/30/2010)
    Sleep Underground (Demo)
    Stare Like You'll Stay
    Every Way

  • Blue Sky Noise Album (4/1/2010)
    Strange Terrain
    Get Out
    Glass Arrows
    I Felt Free
    Imaginary Enemy
    Through The Desert Alone
    Frozen Creek
    Fever Dreams
    Spirit Of The Stairwell
    The Longest Mile
    Dyed In The Wool

  • On Letting Go Album (5/29/2007)
    Living Together
    In The Morning And Amazing...
    The Greatest Lie
    The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is In The Dose
    Travel Hymn
    Semi-Constructive Criticism
    Kicking Your Crosses Down
    On Letting Go
    Carry Us Away
    Close Your Eyes To See
    Your Friends Are Gone

  • The Inuit Sessions Album (5/1/2005)
  • Juturna Album (4/8/2005)

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