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Curbsquirrels Cindy Lyrics

Last updated: 05/21/2004 09:33:18 PM

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A little girl had to move away today,
thousands of miles from where she used to play.
Who will she talk to?
Who will be her friend?
To top it off her parents start to fight.
Her dog runs away and gets hit by a car.
She can't figure out what's going on,
she just wants someone.

All she wants is someone to believe in,
someone she can turn to.
Mom and dad they really love her,
but they have problems of their own.
All she wants is someone to believe in,
someone she can run to.
Imaginary friends are even leaving her.
She just wants to feel loved.

Her stuffed animals just don't seem to do
the trick anymore (And she's searching on and on).
All the kids in the new neighborhood
seem to pick on the new girl.
"Why?" is the question that haunts her,
why can't she have a normal life?
So she sadly takes the blame on herself
and she weeps all night.

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