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Search for "Cimorelli" on YouTube and there they are: six
smiling sisters performing the pop hits of the day in an a
cappella style, their voices blending in perfect unison.
Not only do these girls know harmony, Christina (21),
Katherine (19), Lisa (17), Amy (16), Lauren (13), and Dani
(11) are each musicians who write their own songs, talents
that impressed executives at Universal Records, which
signed Cimorelli in April 2010.

"We all love different styles of music, everything from R&B
and hip-hop, to country, to indie rock and '80s synth-pop,
which gives our music a unique More...

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Review about Cimorelli songs
cimorelli <3 | Reviewer: cimlover
    ------ About the song Made In America performed by Cimorelli

i love it love cimorelli there awesome we love you in the netherlands im watching it on 4th of july it was just a accendent i didnt mean to let it look like it but cimorelli is awesome they have to do a tour round the world and really come to the netherlands love you christina,katherine,lisa,amy,loreen and dani xoxoxo

ktwlSDWwPjNUIxYsim | Reviewer: Thabang
    ------ About the song Yeah Right performed by Cimorelli

yup, they are a lot of fun. When I was a kid I worked all sumemr to buy one of those weather kits from Edmund Science. My dad and I mounted it up on the roof and ran the wires down to my bedroom. I spent many hours learning how to forcast weather. Now with computers and 1 wire weather tech my weather hobby has hit a new high. Anyway I can't wait to see your weather site and maybe nfo's as well. It would be cool to set up a werather net between us three.

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