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Fury in the Slaughterhouse Cigarette After Lyrics

Last updated: 10/12/2005 12:00:00 PM

My flight-ticket says Tampa ãI«m coming overÒ was the message That I sent her 12 hour horror flight Still in a good temper till I saw the immigration queue of Atlanta

Can I see your passport please Do you bring in any disease criminal activities If I think it over in my ass
Theres a H- Bomb

I won«t rape nuns
I don«t sell guns
I just came to see my baby
I«m not Slim shady
Don«t wanna fuck the first lady
I just came to see my baby

Oops that was the wrong topic I mentioned Suddenly they paid me more attention i had to open my suitcase senseless rat race Staring at this pigface Got ready for the worst case

I like to shake down gents This is a US planet But I«m from mother Europe And thats not the way we«ve planned it

And I won«t bomb towers I bring love and flowers Cause I came to see my baby
I won«t kill your sons
Though they«re republican cunts
I just came to see my baby


first came the glove followed by laughter then someone offered me the cigarette after they showed me a sign that said no smoking then came the glove again not joking
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