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Chumbawamba Shhh Album

Last updated: 06/09/2012 12:00:00 PM

Release Date: 06/01/1992
Tracks in Shhh: Shhh, Big Mouth Strikes Again, Nothing That's New, Behave!, Snip Snip Snip, Look! No Strings!, Happiness Is Just A Chant Away, Pop Star Kidnap, Sometimes Plunder, You Can't Trust Anyone Nowadays, Stitch That

Shhh Album Tracklist

Shhh is a 1992 album by anarchist punk band Chumbawamba. It was originally recorded and written as "Jesus H. Christ," an album that relied heavily on samples. A number of the musicians whose material had been sampled objected, and the album was largely re-worked to defend artistic intent and criticise censorship. The album sleeve artwork itself incorporated various rejection letters received by the band denying the rights to the Christ samples.

It was later released with Slap! in the compilation Shhhlap! in 2003, released by MUTT Records. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia