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Charles Edward Anderson Berry was born on October 18, 1926
at 2520 Goode Avenue (now Annie Malone Drive) in St. Louis,
MO. His mother, Martha, was qualified as a schoolteacher;
his father, Henry, was a contractor and deacon of the
nearby Antioch Baptist Church. The third of six children,
he grew up in The Ville, an area just north of downtown St.
Louis which was one of the few areas in the city where
Blacks could own property. Consequently, during the 1920's
and 30's, The Ville became synonymous with Black
prosperity. Berry grew up More...

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Review about Chuck Berry songs
minor corrections | Reviewer: malcolm
    ------ About the song Too Much Monkey Business performed by Chuck Berry

Say you can buy it
Want me to marry - get a home - settle down - write a book
No need of me complainin'
I ought to sue the operator
I've been to Yokohama
check the oil - a dollar gas
I don't want your botheration

These are not major corrections, thanks for the lyrics sjspears and thanks sing365 for putting them in a format that is easy to print.

The apprentice beats the master. | Reviewer: Laurie
    ------ About the song Tulane performed by Chuck Berry

Great lyrics attached to one of Chuck Berry's best tunes,but much as I love the original,I've got to say that the Steve Gibbons version from "Down in the Bunker"is an absolute belter ,and,for my money one of the very few instances of a Chuck original being bettered by a cover that really motors along.

Rockin' Rocker!!! | Reviewer: Harry the guitar picker
    ------ About the song Promised Land performed by Chuck Berry

What a song! After nearly 50 years, Chuck Berry 's original version has me foot-loose & rockin'! Somebody pull out an an atlas & try to write something even close as interesting. NO WAY!!! Chuck Berry still ROCKS!!!

correction | Reviewer: Scott Matheson
    ------ About the song Reelin' And Rockin' (Live) performed by Chuck Berry

Most of the lyrics are correct but there are a couple of errors. When Chuck asks three times "You know why?", the answer is "I ain't gonna tell you why" for obvious reasons. When it is "straight up twelve", Chuck says "Man, we started diggin' like an old steam shovel". "Giggin' like an old steam shelf" makes no sense.

A review of my dingaling | Reviewer: Darren Cossey 5/28/12
    ------ About the song My Ding A Ling performed by Chuck Berry

It has been done many many many times in ,public and in private,ppl have watched and enjoyed it havent known any that dint lots of ppl like to join in my dingaling is the best thing i have come across and many agree i have nothing negative to say about it im playing my dingaling right now,Thank you Chuck for a song that aint so bad,in fack it was great!

    ------ About the song My Mustang Ford performed by Chuck Berry

A great song about a 1966 cherry red mustang ford. This is a great song to listen to!!!!! We did and now my uncle and I are going to go crusing down the highway listening to this song oh yeahhh!!!

A couple of corrections | Reviewer: Bruce
    ------ About the song Nadine performed by Chuck Berry

Hi, thank you very much for your lyrics to Nadine. I've been singing it for years, but our band left it for a few years, and I forgot a few of the words, so I looked yours up first. I've sung it by memory from the original, and from my account, the original in the chorus was close to your alternate line, "Seems like every time I catch up with you, you're up to somethin' new".(not "into somethin' new").

The only other thing that seems slightly different is that on the original, Chuck sings, "Go driver, go-go, catch her if you please", just a little different than your mostly accurate rendition. Thanks, B.C.

Autobiographical Masterpiece | Reviewer: Stephen Loomes
    ------ About the song Talking About My Buddy performed by Chuck Berry

All the hyperbole about Chuck Berry is true; I was looking at his lyrics because I love poetry, and consider him a great poet, so evocative in his story-telling. Just think of the line from Memphis of "hurry home drops on her cheek that trickled from her eyes." and think, how could a normal person frame that image so succinctly. Then of course there is his brilliant stagecraft and innovative guitar playing that so many have copied and made a fortune doing so. So I stumbled on this lyric, and here Chuck seems to have departed from the short concise format to lay his heart out in clear verse at the level of Bob Dylan at his best. Thanks for everything you have given the world Chuck, and I hope you feel you have received back fairly in return, particularly now that racism is not eclipsing your genius as much as it did when you started.

wonderful | Reviewer: florence
    ------ About the song Little Queenie performed by Chuck Berry

These people that played with chuck were really wonderful playing their instuments along side him.They knew how to play good music,and chuck knew how to write good songs.It wasn't no bad music calling women bitches and whores.People don't make good music like this anymore,and it's a shame.

lyrical genius | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Memphis performed by Chuck Berry

Known for his guitar licks, it's sad that more people don't pay attention to the wonderful composition of the lyrics. You can "see" what's going on in the song due to the simple yet excellent discriptions. Don't forget about the big "TWIST" at the end. The entire song leads you to believe Marie is a lost love, but the last two lines show us the true relationship.

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