Chubby Checker Lyrics

"The King of the Twist"
In the mid 1950's you could find talented, fourteen
year-old Ernest "Chubby" Evans singing his impressions of
the current rock 'n' roll stars (Fats, Elvis, Jerry Lee
Lewis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, etc.) to the customers
at the poultry market in South Philadelphia. In the
evenings, on the street corners, he would sing harmony
songs with his singing group, The Quantrells.

Who knew then that within three years he would get an
official name change to "Chubby Checker," sign a record
deal, record a song that More...

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We Like Birdland by Chubby Checker | Reviewer: elmer hamilton
    ------ About the song Birdland performed by Chubby Checker

The lyrics look correct for "We Like Birdland" on your website.

But did you know that it is not the hit song (#12 per Billboard mag) that Chubby Checker had in 1963? That song was titled simply "Birdland." It's lyrics are totally different. Back in 1963 I bought the 45 rpm single "Birdland" by Chubby Checker on Parkway Records (orange/yellow label). And in 2012 I've got it on Chubby Checker's Biggest Hits CD (original recordings). Those recordings were distributed by ABKCO Records, Inc. who bought out Chubby's record company Cameo-Parkway Records in 1967. I also have "We Like Birdland" song which was originally released on Wyncote Records (the budget release subsidiary for Cameo-Parkway Records, Inc. from 1966). "We Like Birdland" was never a hit song, but was on some bargain basement LP compilations. Its lyrics are on your website and they are correct for the re-recording & revision of "Birdland" that Chubby released in 1966 on Parkway's budget label, Wyncote Records, but titled "We Like Birdland." When I bought it and played it way back in '66, I knew immediately that it was not the original hit "Birdland." I don't know why Cameo- Parkway/Wyncote Records didn't use the original hit.

So the lyrics on your website for "Birdland" are actually the lyrics for the non-hit song "We Like Birdland" that Chubby re-recorded for Wyncote Records in 1966. To check out the correct lyrics to the 1963 #12 hit by Chubby on Parkway Records, go to and search "Chubby Checker - Birdland lyrics."
Check it out first for yourself. Just thought you should know. Thanks for listening to an old baby boomer & Chubby Checker fan.

Elmer Hamilton

Yeaaah, let's twist again, as we did last year! | Reviewer: Janet
    ------ About the song Let's Twist Again performed by Chubby Checker

I miss you baby!
Oh, baby, make me know, you love me sooooo! And then:
Come on, twist again, like we did last summer,
let's twist again, like we did last year!
Lovely song!!!!

Not lyrics to The Twist | Reviewer: Tami
    ------ About the song The Twist performed by Chubby Checker

I love this site but these are not the lyrics to The Twist

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