Christopher Cross Albums

  • Every Turn Of The World Album
    Every Turn Of The World
    Charm The Snake
    I Hear You Call
    Don't Say Goodbye
    It's You That Really Matters
    Love Is Love (In Any Language)
    Swing Street
    Love Found A Home
    That Girl
    Open Your Heart

  • Doctor Faith Album (5/10/2011)
    Hey Kid
    I'm Too Old For This
    When You Come Home
    Leave It To Me
    Help Me Cry
    Still I Resist
    Poor Man's Ecstasy

  • Red Room Album (5/16/2000)
    In a Red Room
    Walking in Avalon
    When She Smiles
    It's Always Something
    Dream Too Loud
    I Know You Well
    Kind of I Love You
    Curled up Around the World
    Rainy Day in Vancouver

  • Window Album (3/21/1995)
    Been There, Done That
    Wild Wild West
    Wishing Well
    Thinkin' 'Bout You
    Jan's Tune
    Open up My Window
    Nature's Way
    Uncharted Hearts
    Before I Go
    Love Is Calling
    Save Your Sadness

  • Rendezvous Album (4/2/1993)
  • Back of My Mind Album (5/1/1988)
  • Another Page Album (1/1/1983)
  • Christopher Cross Album (1/1/1980)

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