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Dead Moon Christmas Rush Lyrics

Last updated: 10/08/2001 08:18:56 PM

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I got the Christmas rush, ain't got time enough
I gotta buy some stuff, running low on bucks
I got the Christmas rush
I gotta cut a tree, clean the chiminy
I gotta hang some socks, shovel the walks, & decorate the tree

Every Christmas it's the same routine
Last minute to do everything
The family's coming and I'm unprepared
Come Chrsitmas morning, I just don't care

I got the Christmas rush, I gotta take care of stuff
I got gifts to wrap and floors to wax
I got the Christmas rush
I got cards to write, wire up the Christmas lights
Make some pies and chill the wine, ain't got much time

We got the Christmas rush (2)
Sometimes it's just too much, then it's not enough
We got the Christmas rush
We got resolutions, we got new solutions
We don't smoke or drink or tell you what we think
We got resolutions

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