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Christina Milian (born Christine Flores on September 26, 1981) is a two time Grammy Award-nominated American singer and actress. She has had four solo top ten singles (and also a top ten featuring credit single) in the UK as well as hits in the rest of Europe and the U.S. She has starred in the 2003 film Love Don't Cost a Thing opposite Nick Cannon and Be Cool, the sequel to Get Shorty.

Date of Birth: September 26, 1981

Birthplace: New Jersey USA

Early life
Milian was born in Jersey City, New Jersey to Afro-Cuban immigrant parents, Carmen and Don, and has two younger sisters, Danielle and Elizabeth. Her family moved to Waldorf, Maryland soon after her birth and she set her heart on an entertainment career at the age of four. Milian did commercials (Wendy's, Honeycombs) and played the lead role in the musical Annie before moving to Los Angeles, California at 13 to pursue an acting career; Her father didn't move with the rest her family and divorced her mother soon after. Her mother is now her manager.

Acting career
Milian's first significant role was as a reporter on the Disney Channel's Movie Surfers show in 1998 billed as Tina Flores. While in this role, she also appeared in minor roles in the movies A Bug's Life and American Pie and in guest appearances on the television series Charmed, Clueless, Get Real, and The Amanda Show.

In 2002, Milian was appointed to host of the television show Wannabes on MTV. She met director Joseph Kahn on an episode of Wannabes who suggested she audition for a lead role in the film Torque opposite Ice Cube. Her audition was successful leading in turn to a lead role in Love Don't Cost a Thing in 2003. In 2005, she had roles in the films Man of the House opposite Tommy Lee Jones and Be Cool with John Travolta and Uma Thurman.

Music career
It's About Time (2004) In 2000, Milian performed vocals on Ja Rule's song Between Me and You from his album Rule. The song became a hit building her reputation as a singer. She also co-wrote and provided extensive backing vocals for the track "Play" for Jennifer Lopez's 2001 album J. Lo which became another big hit, and co-wrote "Same Ol' Same Ol", the first single from girl group PYT's album Down With Me.

In 2001, Milian released her first solo single, "AM To PM", off her self-titled debut album. It became a worldwide hit reaching the top 5 in the UK and Denmark, top 10 in the Netherlands, and top 40 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and in Australia. The success of "AM To PM" sparked the international release of the Christina Milian album, although not in the U.S. The second single "When You Look At Me" was another international hit reaching the top 5 in the UK, Netherlands, and Ireland and making the top 40 in Denmark, Australia, and France. She was also featured on the track "It's All Gravy", a duet with Romeo of the garage group So Solid Crew. It was another UK top ten hit single in 2002. She also wrote and sang the theme song for the Disney series Kim Possible, "Call Me Beep Me" later that year.

So Amazin (2006) In 2003, Milian recorded songs for her first U.S. album, It's About Time, which is a reference to how long it had taken for one of her albums to be released in the U.S. The first single, "Dip It Low", was written by Polli Paul, who has also written songs for the Black Eyed Peas. The first single reached #1 on a world composite dance chart (compiled on data from the U.S., UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, and Australia), #2 in the UK, #5 in the U.S., and the top 40 in Australia. The second single, "Whatever U Want", features Joe Budden and once again reached the top 10 in the UK as well as charting on the Billboard Hot 100. Controversy occurred when Milian changed her look when the album was released. Many people saw it as her trying to look more like Beyoncé Knowles who had a similar look. All of this has been looked at as a coincedence by Milian.

Her third album So Amazin' is scheduled for a May release. The entire production was done by Cool & Dre, with additional help from Rich Harrison. The record's first single Say I has been released in March as a single and video; it features Young Jeezy. The single currently is on his latest mixtape, "Can't Ban the Snowman, and is having success within the mixtape scene causing many DJ's to place it on their compilations too ("Southern Smoke"). Two confirmed tracks,Gonna Tell Everybody and Who's Gonna Ride featuring Three 6 Mafiaand Lil Wayne will appear on her third album So Amazin'. According to MTV, Christina recored a track dissing her ex-boyfriend. It was due to the reason they broke up. Nick says even though the track was recorded, he still considers being her friend.

Personal life
In the summer of 2005, Milian broke up with actor Nick Cannon after being together for nearly two & a half years. In an interview with Angie Martinez, she spoke about how she found out about Cannon cheating on her. Apparently while she was away filming a movie in Romania, she attempted to log in to his account by entering in random passwords. After lucking out with one of the passwords, she was able to read all of the messages he sent out and received to and from other women. When she returned back to the states, she decided to play it cool before hitting him with the news that she knew he was cheating.

Weeks after their break up, Milian was spotted with actor Eric West during New York's Olympus Fashion Week leading to many claims that the two are dating. Eric confirmed on American radio station Y100 that the two are just friends. The New York Daily News claims she is now dating hip-hop producer Dre.

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20/12/20013 | Reviewer: Emmanuel simeon | 12/20/13

Hi christina,i so much love your movies nd your songs are amazing with a charmin eyes,i wish i could meet you but i believe one day i will.. please dont stop the hit keep it up love you..

love dont cost a thing lol | Reviewer: sabrina Bloomberry | 10/14/12

Hi christina milian this is sabrina im so in love
With your style hair and makeup. Ive been practing two be like you ever
sence i saw you in love dont cost a thing 2003. Ever sence then you wete
My insperation two me and millions of people out goal is two follow you in your foot steps and eventually become famous and meet you in person

you are amazing | Reviewer: andy | 8/29/12

I mean that I hope I can meet you one day but hey who knows you just the coolest person in the world. to me and .......... hey Im working on music trying to the music thing but you know so many people are doing It. these days I just bump my own maybe do a video or two and put It on you tube. :) so maybe i can give ellen a hug you know oh she so funny other than loving your music is what I do. :) just fan out here in Florida.
\ you are the bomb I love you girl. God Bless you.

you are so chaming | Reviewer: Happy | 6/21/12

Hi christina,i just want to say that you are a beautiful girl i have ever seen in this world you are the only girl who is chaming and loving you is like breathing i just cant stop chaw!!

I love you | Reviewer: Serena K. Green | 3/1/12

I love your fashion styles and everything else about you too. i wish that i had your perfect skin color and everything else. I want you to come to my birthday party on march 15 at 5:00pm. I live at 3413 Ravenwood Dr. In Augusta Georgia. Call me whenever. 706-922-3434 I will also be turning 12 and i want it to be special.

i love u so much | Reviewer: xavier garner | 6/30/11

hello christina my nephew loves all your movies he says all the time iwant to meet her 1 day i always tell him u will he is 13years old he wish he could marry you he knows ur the best woman actor in the world i hope u will come to ft.worth texas we love you and support u 100% watch out when u see him on tv at ut university playing football #3 garner u will see him

to my best american actress and musician | Reviewer: karl tebo | 6/10/11

hey big sis am kar just wanted to congratulate you for your movies and music.Infact you are amazing and you are my best .I love acting and music too.Would you please help me to be a star too.I would be gratefull if you give me some tips.May God be with you always and the sky is your limit. No evil shall befall you.You would prosper in anything you do God bless you milian.please i would like to be your fan.Am justa little guy of 23 years who love acting and music.Eachn time you are on screen am just very happy.Thanks big sis an hoping to hear from you meanwhile you would continue to succed and the sky is just your stepping stone.c ya

Hi | Reviewer: Victor | 3/23/11

I love u milan,i jst watch dat ur film love dont cost a thing it was so interested to me,after i finished watch ya film.i jst search through google to read ur biography.pls can u give me ya email address?pls send me some of ur pic to u.

Hello from Georgia | Reviewer: Die'dra | 2/13/11

Hey christina i live in columbus georgia. i love ur movie bring it on fight to finish.i think its a great movie and that ur and great actor and cheerleader. i'm 11 years old i look forward to more movie with u in it

I m your fan | Reviewer: Sebastian Mdz | 12/1/10

Hi Cristina i m from Namibia in southern Africa ,I like your movies & song .What i like to say is to keep it up with your talentend & i m waiting for more song &movies .I like your song called Us against the world .God bless u.

christina milian | Reviewer: breon | 7/20/10

hey wats up this breon i love ur acting in i would love to meat you in california
my favorite was love dont cost a thing and bring it on fight i thing you a beatiful woman and i am 13 years old i live in pflugerville tx i always say ima meat u one day when i get older i send you a friend request on myspace

Movies | Reviewer: A Fan | 7/19/10

I love u in the film Bring It On : Fight To Finish . I love it cause its not like one of those old movies since it was only out last year . U look amazing in tht movie nd ur such a great cheerleader to X

you are so beautiful by makeda a-k-a spirit | Reviewer: makeda | 12/10/09

hi christina i love you so much i just would love to meet you one day and i really love your acting career i love all of your movies you play in especially snow globe and bring it on fight to the finish that was the first time i ever heard you curse i was shocked and it was funny you said [ you said you gealous bitch] that was funny im telling lol and also when you said chicca gone loca that was funny. and also snow globe it was a good movie and my fav love don't cost a thing i just that movie well i gotta go but i love your acting and singing and looks well if you like my comments give me a call i will love that cause your my biggest fan well okay gotta go by but give me a call it would mean a lot to me 347-663-6489 bye. sincerly makeda p.s. maybe i can become famous like you im a great singer bye

wonderful | Reviewer: cherise | 10/1/09

cristina i admire you so much i wish i could come see you any time any day as long as god willing but i want to let u now that you are blessed and save and i pray for you. I cant wait to see bring it on looking good your still in shape.

i love you, christine | Reviewer: treavor cornish | 8/29/09

oh i sayed that him fly boy with you eat in the resturnats like purr the smART ONLY YOU can covergae with you whole life with the expericnce. so he's faken sung about smoothly mothership... i will lol you die...

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