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Teen pop diva Christina Aguilera was born December 18, 1980 in Staten Island, NY; the careers of her military father and musician mother ensured that the family traveled the globe before finally settling in Wexford, PA. By the time she was five, Christina knew all the songs from The Sound of Music and performed them at neighborhood block parties. It wasn't long before Christina Aguilera was performing the National Anthem at professional sporting events in the area. The youngster first began performing in area talent shows. At age eight, Aguilera appeared on the syndicated television series Star Search.

At ten she sang the National Anthem for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins. When Christina Aguilera was 10, she also went to an open audition for The Mickey Mouse Club. She didn't make the cut, but two years later Disney invited her back. She got a part and became a Mouseketeer working with now-famous co-stars like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez (of *NSYNC ) and Keri Russell from Felicity. Christina Aguilera sang, danced and performed her heart out during her two years on the show.

During her Mouseketeer days, Christina Aguilera caught the eye of manager Steve Kurtz, who requested a demo tape to send to RCA exec, Ron Fair. Amazed by her voice and beauty he offered her a record deal when she was 15. As luck would have it, around the same time he received a call from a friend who worked at Disney who was looking for someone to sing Reflection, the lead song in the upcoming animated Mulan flick. His first thought was his new singer Christina Aguilera. She got the gig and the song was eventually nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture.

After two years on the show, Christina traveled overseas to further hone her musical skills. She recorded the duet "All I Wanna Do" with Japanese pop star Keizo Nakanishi. Aguilera's first pop music success came in Japan thanks to a smash duet "All I Wanna Do".

And later, Christina almost caused a riot at Romania's Golden Stag Festival when she waded into the crowd of 10,000 while performing her two-song set on a bill which included Sheryl Crow and Diana Ross.

Upon returning to the States in early 1998, Christina auditioned to sing "Reflection," a track which appears on her debut album, for Disney's animated film "Mulan." The film makers needed someone "who could hit a high E above middle C" according to Christina, who then cut a one-take demo in her living room singing to a karaoke tape of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Run To You." The demo was rushed to Disney, and within hours, Christina was in a Los Angeles studio recording "Reflection." That same week, RCA Records signed her to a record contract. "Mulan" premiered in America in June 1998, and "Reflection" became a Top 15 US single.

On her self-titled debut album for RCA in 1999, Christina showcased her many talents. From the sparkling upbeat dance-pop of the "Genie In A Bottle" to the soulful gospel strains of "So Emotional" and the awe-inspiring ballad "I Turn To You," Christina's powerful voice intertwined themes of finding one's own identity with the uncertainties of growing up. The album, which Christina says was very scripted for her, leaving her with little real involvement, fitted in with the popular music of the time to reap high sales.

October 2000 saw the release of "My Kind Of Christmas," a soulful collection of sacred carols, holiday pop classics, and newly written songs for the season. Said Christina, "I wanted to bring a real R&B edge to some of these songs. Making the album really unleashed the soul in me. I'd say it's an all-around feel-good album."

Christina was established fully in the industry, having three top 50 US albums, including a massive selling #1, and she said at the time, "It's been quite a roller-coaster ride but I think I've grown and learned a lot about myself. In this business, it's often all about hype, record sales, and parties, and it can be easy to get lost in believing in all that. But I try to monitor myself on a regular basis. The greatest thing is being able to touch peoples' lives. I know that's a greater accomplishment than selling records. I simply love what I'm doing everyday".

However, this joy was not to be for long and after having her heart broken for the first time and experiencing a close to breakdown stage in her life through stress, Christina went off and decided to be normal and rebuild her life. In that time she wrote as a way of relaxing and as therapy and set about recording a new album in 2002. The product, which was postponed and postponed as it was not "perfect" was finally released in October. With a very strong promotional campaign, the lead single "Dirrty" managed to be a worldwide hit. Combining a killer hip-hop hook and R&B chorus, the track hit #1 in the UK, and the only country where it underperformed was in America, where the single did not take off at radio, only reaching #48 in the national Billboard charts. Unbroken by the lack of love America was showing "Dirrty," Christina released "Stripped," her first album in over 2 years where it debuted at #2.

Aguilera topped the pop charts with the single "Genie in a Bottle." Christina Aguilera sold over 10 million copies worldwide in just under a year and turned its namesake into a superstar. She followed this successs with performances at the Super Bowl XXXIII Halftime Show and for President Clinton, and won a Best New Artist Grammy. Just over a year after she released her debut album, Aguilera released Mi Reflejo, a collection of Spanish-language songs, as well as a holiday album.

"Mi Reflejo," Christina's first Spanish language album, was a recording project very close to her heart. Her second album, produced by Latin music master Rudy Perez (Luis Miguel, Julio Iglesias) and recorded in Miami, the album included several new songs as well as five smash English language hits of Christina's, translated and re-recorded especially for the new album. Executive producer Ron Fair, producer Rudy Perez, and Christina sifted through more than 300 songs before making their final selections. Said Christina, "It's very cool for me personally, because it gives me a chance to explore my Latin side, something I've wanted to do for a long time, even before I was signed. I love the Spanish language, which opens up a whole new musical arena for me. This will make my grandparents proud."

Christina Aguilera has had a huge impact on the international music scene since 1999. A huge American story (three #1 smash hit singles, performing for the US President, taking home a Grammy for Best New Artist and a mammoth summer/autumn 2000 tour) has been reflected in her worldwide, and more specifically, her UK profile. Her debut album "Christina Aguilera" has sold thousands, peaking at #14 in the UK album charts, and produced some hugely enjoyable singles, including the two top 3 hits "Genie In A Bottle" and "What A Girl Wants," and it is of course near impossible to avoid the ludicrous media circus which follows her around.

"When you're seventeen years old, green and inexperienced, you're grateful for any guidance and direction you can get." Says Christina on her rocket sled ride to the top following the 1999 release of her eponymously-titled debut album, with its string of consecutive chart toppers, including "Genie In A Bottle" and "What A Girl Wants." It was a feat she would repeat the following year with Mi Reflejo, the smash Spanish language version of her debut, followed by her hit holiday release, My Kind Of Christmas.

Christina is an eclectic, seasoned artist and every single from "Stripped" - in fact every single song on the album - is different, reflecting this. From the jazz soul of "Walk Away" to the rock of "Fighter," to the beautiful ballad "Cruz" and the neo-soul of "Impossible," not to mention the R&B of "Get Mine, Get Yours," no two tracks sound the same. Feeling more "real" and safe inside her own skin, Christina's new image is her most personal and most real.

The sixteen new tracks that comprise Stripped, including her sensational debut single, "Dirrty," showcases an unadorned, unfettered and fearlessly outspoken artist who has liberated herself, her soul and her music on an album that is as much a declaration of independence as it is a convincing demonstration of her fierce and original talent. Simply put, this is the real deal.

Recorded over an eighteen-month stretch, with Christina firmly at the helm every step of the way, Stripped slowly but surely took shape, not only as an exercise in breathtaking stylistic diversity but as a resonant and revealing look into the mind and emotions of a young woman on the verge of personal and professional liberation.

The result is resonant and revealing original tracks that decisively shred Christina's squeaky clean persona, even as they set the stage for a career that, millions of albums and concert tickets later, is only now just getting started.

The proof is all over Stripped, from the opening notes of "Impossible," the smoky ballad by Alicia Keys, to the romantic revelations of "Can't Hold Us Down," featuring the persuasive production of Scott Storch; from the soaring affirmations of "Beautiful," to blistering licks of "Make Over," to the superheated funk of "Dirrty," featuring Redman and Rockwilder. "I loved 'Let's Get Dirty,'" Christina reveals, "So I asked Rockwilder to put something together kind of like that for me." She laughs. "What I got was a little too close, but then I figured, 'Why not?' The track is like an answer song to the original, only from a female point of view."

As much excitement and surprise as a first listening to Stripped might generate, there are other textures, urgent, honest and unguarded, that emerge with time. "Everything I sing about in 'I'm OK' is real," she asserts. "I took it right out of my life and I'm singing it right to my Dad." While another Stripped standout, "Can't Hold Me Down," may at first sound like payback to a certain superstar rapper, for Christina that's hardly the point. "I haven't got time for all that," is her retort. "I'm more interested in helping girls stand up for themselves. That's what the song is about - double standards and how we're supposed to look and act a certain way just to please men. If I have any influence as an entertainer, I want it to be optimistic and uplifting, to make this world a little better place to live."

For Christina Aguilera, it all begins by getting real. "This music is who I am," she confidently asserts. "You can take it or leave it, but I'm not going to change, not for anyone." In the end, she says, it's a tribute to the millions of worldwide fans who have made her a household name. "Fans grow up, too," she smiles. "We're all reaching out for something more real and if we really want it, we're going to find it. This album is for anyone who really wants it."

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ur my number #1 fan | Reviewer: lonygirl<3 | 3/29/12

hi my name is lonyae and im nine i love u and ur music i really hope i can see u one day when i was a litle girl like 1 or 2 i use to watch mtv with my mommy and i heard hurt and as years day weeks went by i would sing it over and over and over again and after dada came aguilera NO LIE and my mom said im not susprised see sees her last name almost everyday but im ur number one fan i hope u can come to Bermuda oneday its fun and walk away oh mother hurt beatiful all those songs and more inspire me ur name is im my diary 100 tomes i love u god bless u christina and ur husbad and ur son ur huggest number #1 fan lonyae grant i love u always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your my obsession. | Reviewer: Gina | 7/1/11

chritina aguilera; well what can i say, your absolutly amazing in so many ways. im one of your biggest fans ever,i think i have a really really really huge obsession with you. your just ace. you have the best voical range ever, and your songs are always heart felt and amazing. one day i will that id be able to meet you as you have always been my favourite star.i listen to you ever day, as i have ever single one of your albulms no lie. you MOVIE. wow that was amazing burlesque. your also the most amazing actress, a true born performer.
love you aguilera.xoxo Gina.

Your amazing | Reviewer: Jen | 1/25/11

Christina, I think your absolutely amazing and love your work. I'm only 13 and I'm from liverpool in England. You inspire me, when I am older I want to be just like you!
I think your so beautiful and so talented your story of your childhood is truly touching. Everyone asked me when i was younger what I wanted to be when I was older... I would say, I want to be just like Christina. Your completely amazing and have a lovely voice, never change because I love you just the way you are.
Without a doubt you are my favourtie actress, singer and star by far.
Love you girl, keep doing what your doing!<3

OMG !! | Reviewer: Dana | 5/22/10

i love you christina!!! no matter what the magazines say i will always be on your side.. dont let anyone judge your music be cause it is unique cuz u havee soooo many fans that love you and care about you!!! always remember that!!

yes, but..... | Reviewer: Dave | 5/4/10

I agree with the rest in that Christina is the most amazing singer, she has done an enormous amount of good from the platform she has achieved, and she is the champion and model for women and other disenfranchised groups of our world. However, I find it impossible for ANY of you to be her #1 fan. With all respect, that is a position I have held since... forever. She will always sing to my heart and soul. She has NOT achieved anything that I knew she couldn't do.

yOur biqqest fann ; | Reviewer: diqnOra | 1/25/10

Omqq xtina ; first off let me say that ive been your biqqest fan from day one ; ive always listened to you music since i was a little girland its always been something that i love to listen to. i love to sing and when i began to listen to your sonqs i enjoyed singing even more. i always trie to sing like you and i think i could in certain parts of you songs . you have such a pretty voice and maybe one day i could be as successful and talented as you are ; by the way good luck in whatever you do, god bless you &your husband, son max and the rest of you family. i would love to meet you, it would mean the world to me, maybe you can help me with my singing ! i love you christina ! lOve your hugest fan.


Christina i actually feel that im your biggest fan!
I love everything about you my boyfriend gets jealous over how many posters and CD's i have of you! Your amaizing, beautifal but most of all you've got an awesome voice =]]
Me and my sister argue all the time over whos better .. you or Britney Spears But i know its most defently You... Your music has helped me through so much this past year i dont know what id doo if i didnt have your music in stereo.!
I LOVE YOU CHRISTINA... Thanks for everything =]]

El Beso Del Final | Reviewer: nothing_toxic | 6/23/09

I was crazy of the rhyme and her voice, it's a very fantastic choice, I only know I love this song the way I love her :) Thank to Christina and her crew to bring up this great job.

p.s : I love you ^_^

laurr is a HUGE fan of Christina ! <33 | Reviewer: laurr | 4/3/09

oh my godnesss ; she is like godness princess . i love her soo much because she has a verry smooth voice and i loove her from my heart & i hope i could see her in someday and i am deaf .. but i have thingy on my ear to hear and all the time i listen to her songs and im doing my project about christina for english .. i love her peace

Christina........ My words arn't enough | Reviewer: Adam | 8/1/08

I'd like to tell u about my feling to you , I'd like to thank u verey much cuz you made my girl friend back to me once i sent her your song "I Tern To You'" she then when she called me she where crying and forgave me
thanks sooooooooooooooo much Christina

Lovinn Herr Bigestt Fann Everr ! ! ! | Reviewer: samantha | 4/21/08

I am like the biggest fan of christina i knw everything about her she is stunning and has a beatiful baby boy called maz liron bratman ,, she wieghs 102lbs and she stands at 5.2 ,, she is my idol and one day i would love to meet her she is my dream fantasy ! ! !

artist of the century | Reviewer: arsi | 12/28/07

christina aguilera donot deserve this kind of success because she deserves bigger than this......because she is a total performer that can sing, dance and even act ........

she deserves better then this.....

i love your stuff! | Reviewer: ashley | 12/11/07

i love to sing,but no one knows! you are my role model,and i look up to everything you do! when you went away for that little while,i was devestated,but now that you're back i'm so glad.
i love your music,and my friends say i sing like you. i'm only 13 though.

i love you christina!=)

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/07

christina is honestly amazing. her voice is phenomenal and her concerts are really worth going to. i love her so much because she is real and speaks the truth. her songs have changed my life and gotten me through some tough times.
thanks for being my hero.

Ahh | Reviewer: Diana | 10/7/07

Christina you are my idol. You are beautiful, i love all of your music, your lyrics are inspirational for so many people, especially girls like me. You have a true gift, your voice is phenominal and I love it. I love you!!

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