Christian Bautista Albums

  • Outbound Album (11/1/2011)
    All That's Left
    I'm Already King
    What Can I do
    Never Far Away
    Wrong Number

  • Romance Revisited: The Love Songs Of Jose Mari Chan Album (8/20/2009)
    Tell Me Your Name
    I Remember The Girl
    Afraid For Love To Fade
    I Have Fallen In Love
    Please Be Careful With My Heart
    My Girl My Woman My Friend
    Beautiful Girl
    Can't We Start Over Again
    Be Gentle
    Stay My Love
    A Love To Last A Lifetime
    Here And Now
    Constant Change
    Deep In My Heart
    Can We Just Stop And Talk A While

  • Captured Album (7/20/2008)
    The One Who Won My Heart
    Take A Ride
    Limutin Na Lang
    Just This Time
    Nakalimutan Kong Sabihin
    Could Have Been The One
    I Want To Be The One

  • Just A Love Song...Live! Album (1/24/2007)
    Trying To Get The Feeling Again
    More Than You'll Ever Know
    Only Reminds Me Of You
    Beautiful In My Eyes
    Make It With You
    Got To Believe In Magic
    Fixing A Broken Heart
    I Could Not Ask For More
    Of All The Things
    Nothing Can Stop Us Now
    Be My Number Two
    Finding Out The Hard Way
    Blue Eyes Blue
    Cry For Help
    Heaven Help
    I Won't Hold You Back
    If Ever You're In My Arms Again
    Just A Love Song

  • Completely Album (12/5/2005)
  • Christian Bautista Album (9/28/2004)

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