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“My name is Christian Webster. I’m from the suburbs of
Conneticut. I rap. Real fucking good if you ask me. Better
than you at least. I went to private school. My A.D.D. is
serious problem. I’ve been prescribed every type of
medication under the sun…I still can’t focus for shit. I go
to Hofstra University in Long Island…and it’s the shit.
Some people say I need to go to rehab. I don’t think so. I
love women. Facebook me ladies.

For real though.

I also love sneakers and fitteds. I wish I had enough money
to own more, but I’m broke as More...

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Kinda bad. | Reviewer: Rick
    ------ About the song Webster Morgan performed by Chris Webby

You don't listen to rap for the cleverness of the lyrics if you get the lyrics wrong, "Lego wasp" with a quiver of arrows? c'mon now, it's obviously Legolas. And, "sutton like dan bit" doesn't even make any fucking sense, it's obviously Gambit because it's talking about the hand he was dealt and Gambit throws cards. Pay attention before you publish wrong lyrics.

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