Chris Webby Albums

  • Homegrown Album (11/12/2013)
    Bar For Bar
    Rap Nemesis
    Down Right
    Do Like Me
    Left Lane
    Only Way To Go
    Aww Naww
    Ride On

  • Bars On Me Album (9/30/2012)
    Bars On Me
    Webster Morgan
    Wait A Minute
    Change The World
    CT 2 Shaolin
    Dark Side
    Is It Alright
    At It Again
    Whatever I Like
    So Fresh
    Hide N Seek
    Way Of Life
    Mission Statement
    Fragile Lives

  • There Goes The Neighborhood Album (12/1/2011)
    Church (Intro)
    What I Do
    There Goes The Neighborhood
    Bad Guy
    I'm Gone
    Take Me Home
    Until I Die

  • Webster's Laboratory Album (6/1/2011)
    Webster's Laboratory (Intro)
    Contradictory To Grown Ups
    Right From Wrong
    Block To The Burbs
    Webster's Revenge
    Temper, Temper
    Sunny Afternoon
    Roger That
    The Way
    Killin' Em
    The Joker
    Just Can't Kill The Beast
    Hard Road
    Axe Murder

  • The Under Classmen Album (7/1/2010)
  • Best In The Burbs Album (6/1/2010)
  • Optimus Rhyme Mixtape Album (5/12/2010)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper Album (9/1/2009)
  • The White Noise LP Album (6/1/2009)

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