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“My name is Christian Webster. I’m from the suburbs of Conneticut. I rap. Real fucking good if you ask me. Better than you at least. I went to private school. My A.D.D. is serious problem. I’ve been prescribed every type of medication under the sun…I still can’t focus for shit. I go to Hofstra University in Long Island…and it’s the shit. Some people say I need to go to rehab. I don’t think so. I love women. Facebook me ladies.

For real though.

I also love sneakers and fitteds. I wish I had enough money to own more, but I’m broke as shit. I eat bacon, egg, and cheese every morning. I’m a big fan of the Ninja Turtles. And the Lion King…that’s my shit. I have Simba tattooed on my leg. I like tattoos a bunch too. I enjoy 40′s and blunts. I have a little white fluffy bichon frise named Molly. She’s ill. I wish I had Wolverine’s super powers. Hmmm. I think that I <3 sex."

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check it out. ;] | Reviewer: Desteny Eryn | 8/23/11

imma rebel ever since the summer of 92!

I do me, don’t give a fuck whatcha been thru!

Smoke blunts like it’s a occupation, I should make my own corporation!

gettin paid by the hour, im all about makin that extra dollar.

lifes a game, imma play till i come out on top, even then i wont stop!

never gonna quit, no pit stop in a race against time.

fast cars, and fine wine. cold beer and a nice dime!

everywhere i go ppl look at me like i committed a crime!

they act like society should be one way or the high way?!

but what happens when one turns the world sideways?!

Flips things around, sending out shock waves?!

im the one who puts ur mind on over drive,

Queen B, welcome to my hive! do or die, can you survive?!

im a law abiding citizen, im inncocent till proven guilty.

never get caught, even tho my hands is filthy.

nothng a rinse couldn’t fix, aha im full of outrageous tricks!

i cover my tracks well, cruella devill cant even find me!

Im like odd ball, ahaha i aint spotted

This is just a little something i wrote ahahah i was dumb high, but anyways it aint good but thought i would share it just sayin.

best rapper | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/11

I've always listened to hip hop and I gotta say he is easily the best rapper there is!!! I <3 chris webby :) and on top of his beast raps he seems like a cool person in he's really cute :)

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