Chris Tomlin Lyrics

One of the premier songwriters of today, Chris Tomlin is
shaping the language of worship for generations present and
future. And yet his gifts are rooted in one central truth,
that God is the center of everything.

Even as a small town Texan boy pounding out new tunes with
his rag-tag garage band, Chris Tomlin had been blessed with
a passion for purpose. He wanted to be more than just
another guy with a song. As he grew, he became even more
aware of the fact that everything-what we do, who we
are-exists only for God's glory. Tomlin's More...

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Review about Chris Tomlin songs
Dance | Reviewer: Karina
    ------ About the song Better Is One Day performed by Chris Tomlin

I love this song so much. In our dancegroup we dance on this song. So I got to know it. Since the first time of dancing I listen to it the most time! :)

Incredible | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Indescribable performed by Chris Tomlin

We sang this in Church last Sunday and as usual it brings joyful tears to me and I expect others. The Songwriter,Laura Story and the recording Artist Chris Tomlin are gifted people inspired and perhaps channeled by our Awesome God to bring forth such beauty. They would likely give the credit and Glory to God.

    ------ About the song Our God performed by Chris Tomlin

The song is a great worship song-a song sung to God about His worth. However when the lyrics changed to "Our God" it became a testimony about God instead of singing to God about His strength, greatness, position, etc. The song and tune is fantastic but the lyrics mix does injustice to the worship. We sing it anyway.

the splendour of a king. | Reviewer: pst. matthew obi
    ------ About the song How Great Is Our God performed by Chris Tomlin

Like a popular writer, Odewale said in his books title "the gods are not to be blame. "King is greater than king". He is the king of kings, Lord of Lords, so beautiful that d glory his body emit scarce darkness. All kings are made by him, but non made him, of a truth, He is beyond description, and I long to behold his beautiful throne and face on the last day, not to be judge alone, but to be with Him. God bless u Tom. How great is our GOD.........

    ------ About the song Here I Am To Worship performed by Chris Tomlin

(B)asic (I)nformation (B)efor (L)eaving (E)arth. Hello everyone yes inded this is a great song! How ever I just want to bring out another amazing christian singer ( Don Moen ) I encourage people to take a look at some of his music aswell.

Uniquely priceless love | Reviewer: Peter Aifuwa
    ------ About the song Here I Am To Worship performed by Chris Tomlin

The Lord surely deserves our wholehearted devotion and unalloyed worship for His sacrificial love generously lavished upon us.Thank you Lord for doing what no mortal is ever capable of doing.I will forever WORSHIP YOU.

I know what I would do | Reviewer: Lori
    ------ About the song I Can Only Imagine performed by Chris Tomlin

The song brings back memories and a smile to my heart. I don't have to imagine because it happened to me. I was walking to the kitchen with my dirty thing I knew I fell to my knees in the hallway trembling from the sound of his voice in my presence. He told me (sternly) something important was going to happen and I better be prepared. Tears pouring down my face I was praying to please help me be prepared. This happened 25 years ago I was a non believer then but after that experience I have been a believer.

we are all one | Reviewer: mark anthony nino o quintom
    ------ About the song Your Grace Is Enough performed by Chris Tomlin

truly god your grace enough you give all your love i just want to say that god forgiven us even we are sinners i love god keep on making inspirational christian song i am proud that i am a christiasn and filifino

All together worthy.. | Reviewer: Apurva Tribhuwan
    ------ About the song Here I Am To Worship performed by Chris Tomlin

Yes,It is Christ who is d nly hope for a lonely n dark life!jus loved this song..after hearing to this song it made me realize that no matter who all dump or dislike me,my God will never leave me..All i have to say is...HERE I AM TO BOW DOWN..

Creations revealing the majesty of God | Reviewer: Grace M Azoom
    ------ About the song Indescribable performed by Chris Tomlin

This is an incredible song you have sang. No man has sang this before, as our souls are standing up in worship, so God almighty is standing up for fragrance of this worship. This is healing nations. We love and we want to connect with you. Mwuah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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