Chris Tomlin Lyrics

One of the premier songwriters of today, Chris Tomlin is
shaping the language of worship for generations present and
future. And yet his gifts are rooted in one central truth,
that God is the center of everything.

Even as a small town Texan boy pounding out new tunes with
his rag-tag garage band, Chris Tomlin had been blessed with
a passion for purpose. He wanted to be more than just
another guy with a song. As he grew, he became even more
aware of the fact that everything-what we do, who we
are-exists only for God's glory. Tomlin's More...

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Review about Chris Tomlin songs
age to age he stands | Reviewer: lebo mathabela
    ------ About the song How Great Is Our God performed by Chris Tomlin

oh our father!age to age he stands for our gud,2 embrace 4Give ,love, strengthen us 2 stand firm age to age lyk his imitators,hi ambasadors Infact his own bloved nd trusted children in evry seasons to d ends of d ages.i really praise him 4 ds 1ndaful gft in tomlin

    ------ About the song Here I Am To Worship performed by Chris Tomlin

When I remember where I came from and where I am today, how it used to be and how i used to dwell in sin,I discovered that the blood of Jesus has made me whole. The first day I heard this song, I went and got the lyrics and learnt the song for a ministration: I tell you so many gave their lives to Christ that day, some confessed Him and other where crying. It got me connected to the cross. May God bless the day this inspiration came to Chris Tomlin!!! I love you Chris Tomlin..........

Here i am to worship,,,, its so great | Reviewer: Sandile Peace Ndlazi
    ------ About the song Here I Am To Worship performed by Chris Tomlin

Am always uplifted when i listen to this song I play keyboerd @ my church always when i play this song the holy spirit just touchs people God is real his are life ,,, Glory must be upon him everytime.

Thers s no other god like our God coz he has a unfailing love to us | Reviewer: kumzuk Lkr
    ------ About the song Unfailing Love performed by Chris Tomlin

God love us so much and his love is suffction for us coz his love is unfailing love his love never change and his love eand always his love is shine for us letz worship him forevern evr.

powerful | Reviewer: anna
    ------ About the song We Fall Down performed by Chris Tomlin

this song has the sweetness of GOD and weneva am at work i make sure i listen to it over and over again coz it blesses me and i know that i blesses GOD also.
thank u Chris for this song and may GOD continue blessing you

He is Indescribable,incomparable,unchaingeable. | Reviewer: Sepo Mwangala
    ------ About the song Indescribable performed by Chris Tomlin

I love this song a lot.It melts my heart & leaves me worshiping God.Chris Tomlin,i imagine how unfathomable you ended up finding God when you kept imagining God.He is indescribable,no man can fully comprehend him.

His Amazing Love is Way Bigger than my guilt! | Reviewer: Clyde's wife
    ------ About the song Amazing Love performed by Chris Tomlin

I heard a man on the radio talking about “how the devil steals our joy using guilt.” I related to this message. You see the enemy tries to make people feel unworthy of Christ’s love. Then wow “Amazing Love” started playing. I realized in a moment, that Christ’s amazing love is way bigger than my guilt, my shame and my sin. The words in this song have helped to make this reality much more clear. - “I'm forgiven because You (Jesus) were forsaken I'm accepted, You were condemned I am alive and well, Your spirit is within me Because You died and rose again.”

Here i am to worship | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Here I Am To Worship performed by Chris Tomlin

I was at my work restroom where I usually go and thank my God for journey mercy from home to work and ask him for strenght, love and patient in performing my duty faithfully, suddenly this song came into my spirit and I don't know the lyrics so I had to looked it up. The song is so inspiring, yes indeed I will never know how much it took Christ Jesus to be hung on that curel cross. Since His sacrifice is beyond description I just join the angels and 24 elders to bow down and worship Him. Halilujah aaaaaaaamen.

Elisha David | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song How Great Is Our God performed by Chris Tomlin

the song is powerful, is inspiring '' how great is our God'' indeed God is beyond our imagination, there is noting to be compare to his greatnes. I love this song, may God bless the writer.

God Is Great Indeed | Reviewer: Petros Lovedaty Daniel
    ------ About the song How Great Is Our God performed by Chris Tomlin

lm really touched with the words "he wrapes himself in LIGHT and DARKNESS tries to hide, trembles at HIS voice" e.g demons are darkness er is no place 4 em in our lives bcoz CHRIST is the LIGHT and HE lives in US.

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