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One of the premier songwriters of today, Chris Tomlin is
shaping the language of worship for generations present and
future. And yet his gifts are rooted in one central truth,
that God is the center of everything.

Even as a small town Texan boy pounding out new tunes with
his rag-tag garage band, Chris Tomlin had been blessed with
a passion for purpose. He wanted to be more than just
another guy with a song. As he grew, he became even more
aware of the fact that everything-what we do, who we
are-exists only for God's glory. Tomlin's More...

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Review about Chris Tomlin songs
we are all one | Reviewer: mark anthony nino o quintom
    ------ About the song Your Grace Is Enough performed by Chris Tomlin

truly god your grace enough you give all your love i just want to say that god forgiven us even we are sinners i love god keep on making inspirational christian song i am proud that i am a christiasn and filifino

All together worthy.. | Reviewer: Apurva Tribhuwan
    ------ About the song Here I Am To Worship performed by Chris Tomlin

Yes,It is Christ who is d nly hope for a lonely n dark life!jus loved this song..after hearing to this song it made me realize that no matter who all dump or dislike me,my God will never leave me..All i have to say is...HERE I AM TO BOW DOWN..

Creations revealing the majesty of God | Reviewer: Grace M Azoom
    ------ About the song Indescribable performed by Chris Tomlin

This is an incredible song you have sang. No man has sang this before, as our souls are standing up in worship, so God almighty is standing up for fragrance of this worship. This is healing nations. We love and we want to connect with you. Mwuah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

2 Corinthians 12:9 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Your Grace Is Enough performed by Chris Tomlin

I really love this song. God's grace is really enough for me to overcome any problem that I encounter. I love Lord Jesus Christ my Savior. God used Chris Tomlin to create such a wonderful song. Praise God! To God be all the Glory.

GOD IS AMAZING | Reviewer: Agnes
    ------ About the song Amazing Love performed by Chris Tomlin

When I heard this song I always think of my parents.Because they said that God is amazing. They are the once that made
me put God first in my life..

Jesus Bless us | Reviewer: Michelle Hioe
    ------ About the song How Great Is Our God performed by Chris Tomlin

GOD will always BLESS us. Coz every people who believe in Him, they will be blessed & live happily in GOD. JESUS will never leave us. JESUS always here beside us. JESUS BLESS YOU !

ALTOGETHER WONDERFUL TO ME | Reviewer: Jonathan Grace
    ------ About the song Here I Am To Worship performed by Chris Tomlin

As gospel musicologist,who usually go for performances,i'v always been hearing dis song for a while but don't av d opportunity of getting the lyrics,until that precious day the spirit of GOD led me to google it,i was happy when i got d lyrics of this wonderful song,ever since then,it has been my first in all worship song.whenever i sing this song,i always feel it dat my GOD is ALTOGETHER WONDERFUL TO ME. Long live,chris tomlin.

Feeling the closeness with God with this song | Reviewer: Mary Magdalene
    ------ About the song Beautiful One performed by Chris Tomlin

I am from India, i love this song so much.. me and my husband both of us likes this so much.... i feel closeness with God in my spirit when i sing this song... Truly this is a song given by God to Chris Tomlin. Thanks be to God for you Chris Tomlin......:)

God is better than the best! | Reviewer: leslie gedaya
    ------ About the song Better Is One Day performed by Chris Tomlin

one day in God's presence is better than being in some place else for a veeeeery long time for only in His court can we find serenity,the joy of living, completeness, acceptance despite and in spite of our imperfections, and the true essence of our exitence. praise God for your life, Chris Tomlin!

God is Great! | Reviewer: Vanessa Pescador
    ------ About the song How Great Is Our God performed by Chris Tomlin

This song is truly Heart lifting... Soul rejuvenating... The lyrics made me feel like i am talking with God face to face praising him and glorifying His name above all names. Truly God is Great and he has this great power to talk to us in all forms: songs, verses, prints and even in our dreams. Let us take the courage to talk back to HIM and he will never fail us in giving us all the answers and provides all our needs. Praise and thank God in every situations we are going through.

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