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Chris Cornell was born Christopher John Boyle in Seattle,
Washington on July 20th 1964. Chris is the second youngest
of Karen and Ed Boyle's 6 children. His father was a
pharmacist and his mother worked as an accountant. His
parents divorced when Chris was in his early teens. After
his parents marriage ended, Chris and his siblings changed
their surnames from Boyle to his mother's maiden name,
Cornell. Chris rebelled against his Irish Catholic
upbringing and was on the verge of being expelled from the
parochial school he attended when his mother pulled him
out. As an adolescent, he More...

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Review about Chris Cornell songs
Better than Led Zeppelin | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song Thank You performed by Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell is one of the most talented singers I have ever heard. His rendition of Thank You is just so much more soulful than the Led Zeppelin's original, have to give him big-time props.

Fan-freaking-tastic | Reviewer: Scootie
    ------ About the song Doesn't Remind Me performed by Chris Cornell

The title says it all. Fan freaking tastic. I love Chris Cornell's stuff pre-assimilation into the new age which he for some reason felt the need to try to bend and break his artistic stlye in order to fit into. Bravo, Chris, we'll all remember you as the artist you were, and not the sellout you've become.

Not bad | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Ave Maria performed by Chris Cornell

I don't get how dumb people are. Chris didn't change the song into something it wasn't. He just sang the English version which makes sense. The prayer, "Hail Mary" contains one paragraph, where the song is 5. The song and the prayer use the same name but to my knowledge have never been the same text whatsoever. At least not the Schubert version we're talking about here. Chris Cornell did a decent job, still I've never really quite embraced the English versions. Just think they lack something that the language can't quite capture.

Odd | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ave Maria performed by Chris Cornell

Not quite sure how Chris could take such a beautiful dong made from a beautiful prayer of reverance for the Mother of God and the Mother of us all, and come up with a song of hopelessness, using the same title.

    ------ About the song Reach Down performed by Chris Cornell

While Chris Cornell did write the song, it wasn't as a solo artist, it was with the band
"Temple Of The Dog", a tribute band to Cornell's friend and roommate Andrew Wood (vocalist of "Malfunkshun" and "Mother Love Bone"). I think that should be changed in order to assure accuracy for those who search this page, and others if they are labeled incorrectly.

sadly dissappointed :( | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Stolen Prayer performed by Chris Cornell

i can see why they gave this song to alice cooper. no offense, but i think alice did a better job on it. i love most of soundgarden's music, but until cooper redid it, this song just didn't have it. his version sounded more like typical soundgarden than this one.

Best Cornell Song | Reviewer: full_volume
    ------ About the song You Know My Name performed by Chris Cornell

In my opinion this is the best Cornell song out there...and that includes songs from all the bands he's been in. The lyrics are awesome, which we hardly ever see anymore these days, and the song just sounds amazing. This is also a perfect song for someone with a voice like Cornell's.
Also, this is kinda random, but this would be a perfect theme song for a certain TV series. Forget the name, something about death...

Amazing | Reviewer: LP
    ------ About the song Ave Maria performed by Chris Cornell

I am a huge Chris Cornell fan and when I saw that he did this song with Eleven, naturally I had to listen to it. I am by no means a religious person, and under normal circumstances do not like Christmas/ Church music, but leave it to Chris Cornell to make even the least likely person to fall in love with it. It is the one Christmas song that I can listen to both in and out of the holiday season. Bravo Chris Cornell, and Bravo Eleven.

Lacking | Reviewer: Herbert
    ------ About the song Ave Maria performed by Chris Cornell

I love Chris' voice, have always been. I'm happy how they could adjust the melody to his voice range, it's very nice. Sadly though his American accent shaded the beautiful language in its original form :(

WOW | Reviewer: karen
    ------ About the song Ave Maria performed by Chris Cornell

I never thought this song would strike me as it did. Chris does a great job taking this true classic into modern times. I will play this version at my wedding...Nicely Done!!!

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