Chris Brown Albums

  • X Album (1/16/2014)
    Don't Think They Know
    Fine China
    Give It Away
    I Can't Win
    Love More

  • X Files Album (11/1/2013)
    War For You
    Sweet Caroline
    Love 2 Remember
    Fantasy 2
    Main Chick

  • Fortune Album (5/8/2012)
    Turn Up The Music
    Till I Die
    Don't Judge Me
    Biggest Fan
    Sweet Love
    Stuck On Stupid
    4 Years Old
    Party Hard / Cadillac (Interlude)
    Don't Wake Me Up
    Trumpet Lights
    Bonus Tracks
    Tell Somebody
    Free Run
    Remember My Name
    Wait For You
    Touch Me
    Key 2 Your Heart
    Do It Again
    Your World

  • Boy In Detention Album (8/5/2011)
    First 48
    Freaky I'm Iz
    Body On Mine
    Spend It All
    Private Dancer
    100 Bottles
    Leave The Club
    Real Hip Hop #4
    Your Body
    Ladies Love Me
    Real Hip Hop Shit #3
    Real Hip Hop Shit
    Snapbacks Back
    The Best Yo
    Marvin's Room (Remix)

  • F.A.M.E. Album (3/22/2011)
  • In My Zone 2 Album (11/27/2010)
  • Fan Of A Fan Album (5/17/2010)
  • In My Zone (Rhythm & Streets) Album (2/14/2010)
  • Graffiti Album (12/1/2009)
  • Exclusive Album (11/6/2007)
  • Exclusive: The Mixtape "The Ish U Aint Heard" Album (7/1/2007)
  • Chris Brown Album (11/29/2005)

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    Reviews about Chris Brown albums
    always been there 4 ya since 16 | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album X performed by Chris Brown

    They may throw crap at you,say a lot of rubbish about ya.I know ur allergic to Haters Becoz I always love you Babe and I've loved since your 16,Keep ur head High,Oh keep the Good Music Rollin...
    From mee
    Kali Miya
    Cape Town ,SA

    Like it | Reviewer: Idokhare David Smart Okhogbe
        ------ About the album F.A.M.E. performed by Chris Brown

    Ever since i grown up to discover Chris Brown's album infact i became a change- mind boy, i'd ever wanted to sing and become a musician, the fact is anytime i'm listening to CB singing i'm always getting inspiring feeling the spirit of becoming a music producer and even right now lets get it here we go...

    Chris Brown WOW!!! | Reviewer: Nicole
        ------ About the album Exclusive performed by Chris Brown

    I have been sticking with Chris Brown since this album and before and I love every song of his Chris I love you and your new music is just amazing and everything that you do is amazing and I have stuck by you on your journey growing up making mistakes and learning from them I will always love you x

    The best of the best!!! | Reviewer: Snazo
        ------ About the album Fan Of A Fan performed by Chris Brown

    This is the best album ever and hope you continue making more good music(as usual)with tyga by your side. I love you and your music and I pray that the Lord continues to bless you with the talent that He has given you.

    u'r one in a million | Reviewer: wildene aka willo
        ------ About the album Chris Brown performed by Chris Brown

    i knw u have alot of fanz nd that u wond take note of this but...u are the best ever nd dnt ever give up hope u will get true this i proms u nd i'll pray for u more thn anythng coz u're my rollmodel i knw im a girl but still one of my dreams is to se u f2f nd to become a great singer lke u so please dnt give up singing knw:(I NEED U LOVE U CHRIS BROWN....I MEAN ALL OF THIS!!!'MWAHHHHHH.??

    please don't go chris brezzy | Reviewer: jasmine
        ------ About the album X performed by Chris Brown

    A nigga that got insperd by the pop king is know the most famous RNB singer and hip-hop dancer loved by all if you leave now who will I look up to as my role model as my idol I'm only 16 loosing you now won't be awsome please don't go brezzy international love love you. Much love south african biggest fan:jasmine

    Chris please don't leave | Reviewer: daphne leeuwschut
        ------ About the album X performed by Chris Brown

    Chris please don't leave we love you and all but you can't leave us your my role model I may be a girl but I always wanted to dance like you if your gonna leave it won't be the same without your new music videos don't care what them mitches and bitches say they can hate all that they want but they can never bring you down Show them that you are Stronger than what they think you are Chris Brown we all love you don't forget that tho <<3

    'X' album | Reviewer: Munira
        ------ About the album Fan Of A Fan performed by Chris Brown

    Christopher your an inspiration don't give up now you have the whole teambreezy praying for you & im hoping you get through it all it saddens me to see my fave idol since 05 go through so you breezy

    why why do u have leave the industry | Reviewer: laly motokwane
        ------ About the album X performed by Chris Brown

    Breezy why do u hav to do this m a big fan of your and your music ensparing so much.shud I be worried as a loyal fun of yours?chris u were born to do this.lots of love to u bra and may god be with u to make this decision

    Why do you have to leave the industry?? | Reviewer: Desmey ramaloko
        ------ About the album X performed by Chris Brown

    Dude, no ways. This ain't fair! Why do you have to leave the industry? Hmmm...i'm gonna miss watching you dance on your music videos, hearing your voice sing. I mean, u awesome like that but now u decide to leave....mxm...#sad

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