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George Jones Choices Lyrics

Last updated: 09/08/2013 06:34:31 AM

Written by Billy Yates and Mike Curtis

I've had choices
Since the day that I was born
There were voices
That told me right from wrong
If I had listened
No I wouldn't be here today
Living and dying
With the choices I made

I was tempted
By an early age I found
I liked drinkin'
Oh, and I never turned it down
There were loved ones
But I turned them all away
Now I'm living and dying
With the choices I made

(Repeat Chorus)

I guess I'm payin'
For the things that I have done
If I could go back
Oh, Lord knows I'd run
But I'm still losin'
This game of life I play
Living and dying
With the choices I made

(Repeat Chorus)

Living and dying
With the choices I made

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Help me help him | Reviewer: Amanda | 9/8/13

This song is my best friend made over. He had a horrible childhood witg his dad drinking and beating him almost daily, telling him what a loser he was, putting him down, it was horrible. Unfortunately he didnt get over what happened he chose the wrong path at a young age &got in trouble himself with drugs alcohol and anger/violence issues. Now he's older and realizes where he went wrong but feels like he cant ever get his life back, so he sits at home and drinks goes to work and thats it. He has children he can only see supervised bc of it, and just wants to get them back but their mom just sees his past. He has went to classes completed them to show her hes changed as far as his anger and his drug habit, but she doesnt believe, which I can understand. But how do you help someone who has only ever been knocked down & never had anyone believe in him? I know its not my responsibility, but I have been in his same situation, somehow God gave me the strength to turn my bad into positive. I know he only needs a chance, just one. How can I help him?

not only drugs and/or alcohol, just life choices we all make | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/13

We all make choices and drugs and alcohol are just two wrong ones. Choosing marital partners; choosing careers, and just choosing how to keep yourself afloat are all difficult. When George says "Oh, Lord knows I'd run" if he could go back, I feel tears
coming down my face. So many of his songs seem to say what I'm not able to give words to. But maybe if he had lived a less intense, "smaller" life, he wouldn't have developed the passion he embodies in his songs. Maybe we could have lived tied up in a safe harbor, but we'd have missed sailing the storms.

my choices | Reviewer: Ricksinger | 3/25/13

I feel so sad for Grammarnazi. he doesnt see the anguish in the previous letter. We all have choices. I made mine when I was still young enough for it to matter. I came out of that prison; that hell that took my father and one of my brothers. I cleaned up my act and lived for others rather than for myself. I dont mean to brag. I'm just saying thanks to God that I made those choices, unline my father and brother, and was able to raise two beautiful children in surroundings that were completely opposite to those in which I was born. I loved both of my parents, and thank God for them, but my father never learned to overcome those terrible addictions. nor did the brother I lost. Their deaths were a gragedy. But more: they were examples that I am every thankful I didnt follow. My heart goes out to each and every one who has lost, or is losing someone to addictions of any sort. Life is hard enough without that burden. The addict needs to think of those who are affected, rather than himself. I have scars that will never go away, from observing my father's addiction. Yet I have God to thank for saving me from the same fate. Bless you all who have the battle ongoing. And thanks to George for recording that song, for all of us to contemplate.

My son had choices | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/13

My son died 2 years ago at the age of 45.He had started drinking at an young age.He always told me he could stop drinking any time he wanted he just didnt want to.If he had known he was going to die would he have stopped I will never know. His liver was completely gone and so was his mind.He had alcohol related dimintia and ther was nothing the doctors could do. YES HE HAD CHOICES AND HE MADE THE WRONG ONES AND PAID FOR THEM WITH HIS LIFE.My grief is almost more than i can bear at times.If you have never lost a child you can not know it is the most heartbreaking thing a mom can go through. When I read the words of George Jones song choices I cry for all the moms and dads that have ever lost a child especialy to something that did not have tobe.

my sons choices/by wish he would change | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/12

my sons choices put him in jail too kendra. if i had made the right choices maybe he would have too. he made the same choices his dad made.he has two children he should have made the choices to be here for them.i pray everyday he will make the right choices when he comes home.i hope my prayers will reach you someday soon to my loving son. love dad

Beautiful | Reviewer: GrammarNazi | 1/23/12

@diablodan What language were you typing? It looked like English, but perhaps it was Japanese Romanji? I'm just sayin' that was the most incoherent babble I've read in quite awhile. I..honestly can't really say if I agree or disagree with your points, because I'm not sure what you're even attempting (and failing miserably) to say. That being said, I think you're being disrespectful to people that have seen the negative aspects of addiction. I am among those people, I grew up around it. It is almost exactly like being in a third-world prison. In no way something to make light of, or criticize others for standing against. I only pointed you out 'diablodan' because not only were you inconsiderate enough to belittle others opening up about truly terrible experiences, you were also ignorant enough to do so with absolutely atrocious grammar. Anyways, this song itself is beautiful. My favorite song from George Jones by far. Regardless of the subject: Addiction, marriage, parenting, education, career, the type of person you are; all these things require choices to be made, and so often in our short little life we don't get a second chance at those choices. I've had a lot of people in my life die suddenly, it has taught me the importance of choosing to make the most out of every single day, and choosing to let the ones you love most know it.

Iv got choices too! | Reviewer: diablodan | 3/16/11

1st of all sorry for all your losses. But y'all have to understand that theses were all their choices and there wasn't much more you could do for them. And for you bring the "God" person into this maybe you should have prayed harder. And for the Alcoholic wife didn't you know he was a an alike? what did you marry him to try and change him?

Living and Dying | Reviewer: P | 10/25/10

I pray right now that every person really listened to the words in this song. We lost our 21 year old son to an addiction. But he had "Choices" and a very strong loving Family. If you are in this situation, please, please pray and look for help. It is out there, just make the Right Choice...God Bless you...A loving Mom

My Choices | Reviewer: Barbara from Maine | 9/12/10

34 years ago I was at the end of my rope in all ways I had choices and thru the love of God as I understand Him I am still around singing and playing c?w music like this great song of Georges He is my hero rvrn tho this song wasn't even out then Make the right choices It's never too late

the love of my life... | Reviewer: stacy | 2/23/10

My husband is an alcoholic but I still love him with all my heart. He has made some bad choices because of alcohol that almost ended our marriage and put me through some really tough times. We've only been married 2 and a half years and we should be on to a good marriage and a family but alcohol has ended him up in prison the last two winters which is hard on me too. Not only is he paying for his choices but so am I. I don't want my marriage to end. I hope with Gods help he will make the choice to be sober and let our marriage be what it should. To anyone else facing life with an alcoholic, I feel your pain, it's hard, If you will put God in your life and let him lead you it will all work out. My husband loves this song and I am sending the words to him in prison. May God Bless...

if i had listened | Reviewer: kendra kaye | 7/10/09

i live my life by this song hits home with me and my addiction..."i guess im paying for the things that i have done..if i could go back o lord knows id run"...ive lost a lot of good friends by the choices they have made