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From Autumn To Ashes Chloroform Perfume Lyrics

Last updated: 11/04/2012 03:17:16 PM

The end result of so many meetings
Late night diners with no one eating
We sit in corners and sip burnt coffee
Count the tiles upon the ceiling
Skip this pretense and cut straight to dying
But don’t beg me to keep your eyes from crying

You said so much without ever parting your lips
Past 3am and im still far from sleep
This is a habit that i cant break
And my only company
Is skipping stones

And the street lights flicker like this match in my hand
The street lights flicker like this match in my hand
And the street lights flicker like this match in my hand begging to strike
Beggin to strike

And I keep repeating but this payphone tele stopped receiving
Flat out of change now, im sure you wont accept the charges
Its all the same cause by the morning ill be half way to Colorado
or some place like that

You said so much without ever parting your lips
Past 3am and im still far from sleep
This is a habit that I cant break
And my only company
Is skipping stones down this old suburban street

She keeps on asking "do you think it hurts much to die?"
Well its hurting so much more to stay alive now
Shes gonna find out how much it hurts to die

She laced her perfume up with death
Feel it in my lungs
So ill pull in the deepest breath
And drop my head

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Oh My Life!! | Reviewer: Oh | 11/4/12

I had no idea people harboured these views about,what is essentially spawned from an underground movement. No different to punk, grunge or brit-pop... the only difference is that, whether it's in it's underground or commercial form, it is not as accessible as it is a specific niche. I would say that Emo died a long time ago. The days of Sunny Day Real Estate and The Get Up Kids are long gone. What happened with Emo happened with Punk and Grunge. MTV got hold of it and it became a parody of itself with mental fringes and Fall Out Boy. To the student who believes it's a mask for growing up... is that such a bad thing? Is it wrong to want to belong? I suggest you look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

28, married, 2 children, career, love of emo (amongst many other genres)

Stupid | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/10

Lay off the stupidity. When you say you like this song, there is no need to say dumb as fuck shit like, "I'm not an emo kid or anything" because why the FUCK would it matter if you are or not? The artist genre is emo, that doesn't mean the people who listen to it are generally 'emo'. Get rid of the pathetic stereotype already.

Epic? I think so | Reviewer: kristina | 11/27/09

This is by far the most amazing song I have yet to hear by FATA.
The version I have is an acoustic one,so I don't know if it's acoustic on the album or not but if it isnt go listen to the acoustic version as soon as possible.It will blow your mind.
I love the way the vocals kind of slur together in a beautiful sort of way,like his voice is going to break at any second from how intensely he feels about the words.
Tugs at the heartstrings everytime. Just goes to show you can make a legit piece of music that speaks to someone without ever having to get all cliche.

ahh music | Reviewer: jeremy lucas | 11/11/09

Holy fuck balls. Can't you just listen to music. A song is more then just notes and lyrics. A song is intruperted by each as there own. Lyrics or not, music is music. As for emo, guys, really, drop it. Not the emos, well yeah you too, but just give up the hateful words. This is a place for music and song reviews, not a place to push ideas or look down upon people. In case you all forgot, each and everyone of you have listened to that song and each of you took something from it (or I like to think you did) and now that you have a keyboard to hide behind and type insults at people (who by defanition should not give a fuck) seems like a waste of time. Just listen to the fucking music.

wtf? | Reviewer: stellan | 8/17/09

i absolutely love this song, it's my favorite of all time. but you people need to realize that emo ISN'T a fashion style and it ISN'T a 'mask for growing up'. emo stands for EMOTIONAL. so don't bash what we are.

awesome! | Reviewer: mario | 4/6/09

this song is so fuckin awesome!! and as a lot of ppl said before.. im not an emo kid! hahah im studying chemical eng. in fact.. sooo
when you hear this song and youve been through a very hard moment with someone you feel like the guy who made it put all his feelin in this song and you feel connected with it....
i am through a very bad moment now cuz the one who i did love... well she broke up with me...
and i heard this song like 2 years ago and i still lovin it...

Great before I even knew it | Reviewer: Holly | 10/8/08

I heard this song when I was downloading random FATA songs. I looved the son before I even knew the words(which by the way, today is the first time I read the lyrics) and I love it even more now. It sounds like a song a kid is singing sitting on his bed playing his guitar. I think thats what pulled me in from the the beginning.

this song is awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/08

i really like it, when i got this cd, i sat down and listened to the whole thing, this was the song i knew was gonna be my favorite out of the whole cd, i dont know how

and i am FAR from what you would consider "emo" or whatever

as a matter of fact, i wear mostly hot pink,
call me a douche if you want, but at least im not afraid to go out there and look like an idiot :)

emo is really only a fashion if you really think about it

I like this song because its based on true feelings, not "i banged this hoe up in this club" new hip hop bullshit

and did you guys know that Blink-182 has a song named emo from their album Dude Ranch that came out in like 1997!!!!

that just goes to show that that word has alot of meanings

but FATA is a very awesome band and they have a great live show!!!

and i agree with the last person very much so

if you havent seen a movie called Equilibrium, you should watch makes you think about things alot more than normal

thanks for reading my review!! :)

excellent excellent | Reviewer: chocolate | 2/25/08

its just a really good band. EMO?? is that what the fuck people call it for making touching music? emo is the emotional shit from music. is it wrong to have emotions or would you rather act hard like a dumbass. alot of stuck up people and people who think certain music suck are stupid. iv seen hollister kids do breakdowns and its safe to say emo and hardcore are the best cause there made by good people not dumb bitchs

awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/08

i am what you may refer to as an 'emo kid' and although this is now a corporate label, those who are real 'emos' do not care about that, only their next music fix. The smart 'emos' (you seem to think they don't exist) are the ones who do not feel the need to brag about their lifestyles or insult other people with opinionated uninformed crap. This son is awesome because it is real and that is all emo music is

Sweet lyrics. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/07

I can't believe how amazing this song is. I look up song lyrics daily and this song's lyrics are so powerful with such an underlying meaning that blows me away.

Decent Song | Reviewer: Canuck | 11/30/07

This song is great. I'm not an emo kid, in fact, I'm a university student (notice how the number of emo kids drop durasticly as you get older). I understand the context of this song and how it pretains to the suffering and diffuculties people encounter during ralationships and through depressive periods in their life. That being said "emo" in itself is completely ludicrous. "Emo" is a mask for growing up. Sure, I see an emo kid I know one of two things: they subscribe to what they may think is and underground culture but is actually now considered mainstream culture, and two that belonging to this culture helps them cope with what are NORMAL life issues.

All I can say is go read some books on Philosophy. Plato has much more constructive things to say than any emo song. Sartre also belives there is no God, but he has way more to say than "fuck it". As the average level of education increases, the emo-person-per-populace ratio decreases.