Chinx Drugz Albums

  • Cocaine Riot 3 Album (4/15/2013)
    Intro [Voices]
    All We Do
    Up In Here
    Right There
    Wild Ones
    Hold U Down
    Hear Em Talkin
    Pussy and Fame
    One Night
    In Ya City
    Im A Coke Boy (Remix)
    How Can I Lose

  • Cocaine Riot 2 Album (7/3/2012)
    No Giving Up
    I'm a Coke Boy
    Early In The Game
    We Rollin
    Roads 2 Riches
    Buy This Game
    Fly Shit
    Coke Boy Wave
    Perfect Picture
    Bout That Bacon
    Holla At A Nigga
    Paper Chaser
    Murder One
    Talk About It
    Pressure On My Head

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