Chingy Albums

  • Hate It Or Love It Album (2/7/2012)
    Check My Swag
    Fly Like Me
    Gimme Dat
    All Aboard (Ride It)
    Lovely Ladies
    Spend Some $
    How We Feel
    Roll On 'Em

  • Hoodstar Album (9/19/2006)
    Intro (Ridin' Wit Me)
    Bounce That
    Dem Jeans
    Pullin' Me Back
    U A Freak (Nasty Girl)
    Let Me Luv U
    Let's Ride

  • Powerballin' Album (11/16/2004)
    Haters 101 (Intro)
    Give Em Some Mo
    Balla Baby
    Jackpot The Pimp Pt. 2 (Skit)
    Leave Wit Me
    I Do
    Don't Worry
    All The Way To St. Lou
    We Clubbin'
    We Do
    Wurr Da Git It Gurlz At
    Bring Da Beef
    Balla Baby (Remix)
    Don't Really Care

  • Jackpot Album (7/15/2003)
    Jackpot Intro
    He's Herre
    Right Thurr
    Jackpot the Pimp
    Wurrs My Cash
    Chingy Jackpot
    Sample Dat Ass
    One Call Away
    Dice Game
    Gettin' It
    Holidae In
    F*ck Dat Nigga
    Madd @ Me
    Bagg Up

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