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Daughter: "Mother, father where did you go?
I hear the flowers as they speak below.
Someone help me, I'm so afraid.
the shape in the distance is coming my way."

"Oh, please come hold me." said the woman all covered in leaves.
"He's come again.
the man with the roses that grow from his hands."
I'm your gardener.

"Mother, your poor hands.
The better to hold yours again.
And where did he go?"
I am him, my love.
Watch my garden grow.

Little girl, standing there.
With your daddy's skin and your momma's hair.
I'll have you know I will feed them to my roses and you're next.

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I am the noises that you hear when you're in bed.
And I'll be the last face that you see before you're dead.
With your father gone and your mom in chains, I have time to sleep in late.
Your mother never looked so good. Your daddy should of brought his gun.
Now sleep child, just sleep.
And when you wake you will grow at my feet.
Yes, when you wake you'll be beautiful again.

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I know Mckenzie | Reviewer: Remy | 12/12/2007

I know Mckenzie Bell, the former guitarist. He said the drug reference in the name is just to mess with people. He also said that the song is just about a crazy gardener that kills the family he works for... thats it. No hidden meaning, no christian agenda, just a song about a crazy person.

hold on... | Reviewer: Cody Butler | 12/5/2007

This may be completely way off into left field, but He Is Legend is on Solid State Records (SSR) correct, and SSR is a Christian rock/metal record label. So, being a Christian myself, I see this song and the previous in a Christian meaning, not in drugs. China White, the first, is a type of warning... the Gardener would be Satan, much like he was in the Old Testament, Genesis to be specific, when he disguised himself as a serpent in order to fool Adam and Eve. I believe this song is referring to that in today's day and age. The Gardener actually warns the girl who begins to trust him, he warns her to go buy a gun... then at the end of the song, he says oh no, what have I done. Then something happens in between songs that scares the girl. So when China White II opens, the girl is frightened, and tries to tell her parents, the Gardener comes and begins obviously, killing the parents... in my idea, this song speaks to the society today, about how we should be warned. How Satan can disguise himself to look so good, and then in an instant bring you down. How, even though everything may be great in your life at this moment, the world will kill you the next. Once again, I may be way off in left field here!!

China White II | Reviewer: Aaron | 11/12/2007

I agree with the statement that it's about a gardener obsessed with the little girl that lives inside the house, but of course the story gets deeper. If it didn't there wouldn't be 2 seperate parts to the story. He creeps the girl out so much that she tells her parents, but they don't believe her and let him still work there. The gardener takes advantage..

China White II | Reviewer: David | 10/25/2007

Anyone looking for drug references based on the title are looking WAY too hard. The song is about a gardener who has an obsession with the little girl that lives at the house. China white refers to the innocence of the little girl, like a china doll.

great song. | Reviewer: Chris | 9/30/2007

Well it seems that this song can be seen alot more ways then just drugs. I say something completely different, maybe the title is a drug, but it stands for something that the drug does to you, maybe addictions of sorts. I don't think that you have to take the song as shallow as it says, if that makes any sence. I think that this song is much deeper then just the skin. As is most songs. Just to throw that out there.

Wonkers! | Reviewer: Hanes Wearer | 9/18/2007

This song is obviously about the struggles that man faces between animals in the wild when man lives in the wild and animals live in houses.

China White | Reviewer: Ben | 9/14/2007

China White is actually one of the purest forms of heroin, not cocaine. Get your drugs right. So the messages are much much darker than just death, it could be the complete madness of feeling death but not being able to be dead, something longterm heroin addicts often experience. 'Flowers' - Poppy - Heroin - Little girl, standing there.
With your daddy's skin and your momma's hair.

Could be a reference to someones physical appearance as a result of strong heroin.


Amazing | Reviewer: justin | 8/10/2007 means alot of things...china white is a type of cocaine first off
and second off if you compare the songs....its ridiculous how dark it is...i dont think that i will ever be able to hire a gardener ever

Scary but Good! | Reviewer: Adam | 7/26/2007

This song is really good, I like listening to it, but I can't figure out what it means, I need to compare it to China White. It makes me think of like Silence of the Lambs or something, but I love listening to it.

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