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  • Warped by Success Album (10/1/1994)
    Hands on the wheel
    Everyday the same
    Without the love
    Thank you
    Hard to be around
    Wishing time
    Good again
    Real tears
    Does it pay
    The way we are made
    Tell me what it is

  • Diary of a Hollow Horse Album (10/1/1989)
    Saint Saviour Square
    Stranger by nature
    Sweet charity in adoration
    Day after day
    Diary of a hollow horse
    Red letter day
    In northern skies
    Singing the praises of finer things
    All my prayers
    Age old need
    Back home

  • What Price Paradise? Album (10/1/1986)
    It's everything
    Arizona sky
    Safe as houses
    Worlds apart
    Hampton beach
    The Understudy
    Best kept secret
    We do the same
    June bride
    A day's work for the dayo's done
    Trading in gold

  • Flaunt the Imperfection Album (10/1/1985)
    The highest high
    Strength of character
    You did cut me
    Black man ray
    Wall of God
    Gift of freedom
    King in a catholic style (Wake up)
    Bigger the punch I'm feeling
    The world spins I'm part of it
    Blue sea
    It's never too late

  • Working with Fire and Steel Possible Pop Songs, Vol. 2 Album (10/1/1983)
  • Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms, Some People Think It's Fun to Entertain Album (10/1/1982)

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    gorgeous music | Reviewer: jon
        ------ About the album Diary of a Hollow Horse performed by China Crisis

    This is a hidden pop-treasure, a criminally underrated album. All the songwriting is superb and the songs are beautifully crafted with jazzy arrangements, courtesy of Steely Dan┬┤s Walter Becker production.

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