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This collaborative effort was also able to give each song
on The Impossibility Of Reason its own distinct identity.
Arnold admits that horns-in-the-air guitar solos are
something prevalent on the album. "We're going back to the
era of ripping out leads and growing out the hair", he
exclaims. "The album is so much more guitar driven." Arnold
even goes so far to admit that "standing on the side of the
stage, watching Kerry King of Slayer play for six weeks,
had a lot to do with what came out of me musically."

"Down Again" defines More...

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Review about Chimaira songs
    ------ About the song Pure Hatred performed by Chimaira

I AGREE WITH ALL ABOVE COMMENTS. THEY ARE SO TRUE, ESPECIALLY ONE WHICH SAID THAT I KEEP TO MY LIFE, MY WORLD TO MYSELF SO NO ONE ABLE TO HURT ME, BUT WHEN I WAS DOWN AND LOW WITH 10 MILLION PROBLEMS B'S OF PEOPLE AROUND ME, THIS TEENAGER BOY DECIDED BET TO HIS FRIENDS ,FOR THEIR TIMEPASS HE TOOK A CHALLENGE TO PLAY WITH MY EMOTIONS BY SHOWING CONCERN, CARE, LOVE IN MY THOUGHTS AND I WAS LIKE WHAT IS HAPPENING? My whole 4 mts went sitting in home shuting myself from world just to avoid all drama, b's i am like a open book. My face tell everything what i am feeling and all my neighbours are all very traditional, old-fashioned and they must have thought 10 millon things about me when i shut muself. i am hard to breathe in my own home and this song helped me when i found about him --so much. i am not in this kind of music but felt so good and relieved that i am not only one who feel the same way. Thanks to songmaker and lyrics- person. made my hour.....tx

Agreed | Reviewer: ...!
    ------ About the song Pure Hatred performed by Chimaira

I know exactly how you feel, man. And of course, this song is the best choice if you're pissed off. It describes how I feel regarding people, I just can't stand those freakin' pricks all around trying to take advantage on me. I am glad that I found such a song like this, it was just what I needed. Thanks to these guys, deal with my problems became way easier.

A great song to help deal with life | Reviewer: Bryan Mackay
    ------ About the song Pure Hatred performed by Chimaira

Great powerful song. I get frusterated daily with modern life, people around me, I dont cause trouble but keep to myself to avoid people taking advantage. Music like this helps deal with stress and anger. Thiis is a very realistic and hard hitting song that sums up daily living

simply amazing... | Reviewer: Metal Addict
    ------ About the song Eyes Of A Criminal performed by Chimaira

i started listening to Chimaira pretty much right after Resurrection came out. then digging deeper into previous albums as later albums have more of a commercial appeal to them (albeit they are not a commercial band), i realized this song stands out on this album. i feel older Chimaira seems more powerful and raw which i personally appreciate a little more than the epic masterpieces bands produce when they are done making the name for themselves.

Kick ass | Reviewer: Shadow
    ------ About the song Inside The Horror performed by Chimaira

i agree with Alex...
Chimaira are the best for rage... just makes you want to get it all out

Amazing! | Reviewer: Alex
    ------ About the song Inside The Horror performed by Chimaira

Chimaira has amazing Vocals for screaming... and there song break downs just school all this new crud... I like this band a lot...

FRAKING A! | Reviewer: Nunya
    ------ About the song The Dehumanizing Process performed by Chimaira

Omg! I freaking LOVE this song.
If u seriously want to listen to something that will ease ur this song!!!

Chimaira review | Reviewer: Music Editorial
    ------ About the song Power Trip performed by Chimaira

This band has had its ups and downs but this song and the entire album of The impossibility of reason has had a lasso effect for the band. Pulling them out of a heap of self doubt and back into the spotlight!


wuta rush | Reviewer: nick
    ------ About the song Power Trip performed by Chimaira

if ur really lookin for an adrenaline rush and dont mind goin def, blast this out in ur CD player or ipod wutever u have,makes u feel like u can fly

WRONG LYRICS! | Reviewer: Ryan
    ------ About the song Resurrection performed by Chimaira

reality can't tear
something, something.. just to start all over
treated like shit
pushed aside and expendable

those lyrics are wrong, it's

Reality kicked in,
Raced against time just to start all over,
treated like shit pushed aside and expendable

Also, Consumed by greed and hate,
it's consumed by greed and hate(and hate)

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