Children Of Bodom Lyrics

In the last eight or so years, Children Of Bodom that
darted to international fame with their debut, 1997’s
"Something Wild", has gone from being "this amazing band
from Finland" to a household name in the metalscene. And
that, of course, is obvious given the intensity, sheer
quality of their material and the flawless execution.

Formed in 1993 and hailing from the city of Espoo, Finland,
this young Finnish group took their name from one of the
biggest murder mysteries in the history of their home town
and Finnish crime: the More...

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Review about Children Of Bodom songs
Transferred my soul to Heaven (Transference) | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Transference performed by Children Of Bodom

Loved the song and CoB more with it, this melodic death metal masterpiece is a divine song Alexi was a BEAST in it playing guitar and growling his self-confident and sensational growls Henkka had rocked the bass, Janne made the keyboard yield for help also Jas ka had really made the drums cry for aid too and all of the guys in the band were awesome!

Joy Ride and a Self-Destruction Drive | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Are You Dead Yet? performed by Children Of Bodom

I like this song but probably I'm in love with it! especially the chorus "Enemy take one good look at me/Eradicate what you will always be...." dazzling and the dashing Laiho has rocked the hell out of me and the song! My soul went so high and my mind is out of control and my heart is out of line if you wanna say! this song is ROCKING! and Alexi Laiho is a BEAST!

Love this song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bodom After Midnight performed by Children Of Bodom

Follow the Reaper is my favourite album and this may well be my favourite song off the album. Just incredible.

Not sure why people think Alexi is a weak vocalist... Perhaps it's because he's difficult to understand or sing along with. His vocals are fantastic imho.

propsalot | Reviewer: suckadick
    ------ About the song Downfall performed by Children Of Bodom

Fuck all the mainstream pop hack bullshit bands if you want real metal listen to cob its in a league of its own fuckin Finnish melodic crazy shit but razor sharp metal I've listened to a lot and some got it some don't cob deffinitly does. still not as good as PanterA though but not to be compared as they are just different just personal preference
Ps somebody needs to bring the Real metal back to town so sick of posers that aint even close people that actually give a shit about the music regardless of dollars and sorry to rant but fuck

fucki'n arguing | Reviewer: pravesh
    ------ About the song Bed Of Razors performed by Children Of Bodom

hEy guyz,it's not tHE way To arGuing WitH eaCh otHer,u Oll guyz aRe bLinDLy sAy That It's emo metal core,hardcore and bla,bla,bla...CoB is mIxTure Of meLodic dEath mEtal And bLack mEtal.I haVe hEard to CoB aLL tHe TimE,and iT's mY fAvoutrite too.mY saLute to aLexi's performance in every cOb's song..aNd i wana SaY that(nO aLexi nO cHildren oF bodOm).I miss u aLexi.

lol | Reviewer: LR
    ------ About the song Tie My Rope performed by Children Of Bodom

Their next album needs to be called "Bodom Lyrics Hellflame War". I am a die hard fan, enough to get the COBHC tattoo. I will never understand why Bodom never reaches the top 10 for a lot of metal and heavy music fans, but the world keeps on turning even though Bieber/Minage/Gaga are still making music, so what can you do.

Wrong Wrong Wrong!!! | Reviewer: Erwin
    ------ About the song Scream For Silence performed by Children Of Bodom

These are the lyrics for "Slayer - Silent Scream", from the "South of heaven" album, which children of bodom also did a cover of in there "hate crew deathroll" album. this is "scream for silence" it is from children of bodom's new album "halo of blood"

Awesome! | Reviewer: qhfreddy
    ------ About the song Towards Dead End performed by Children Of Bodom

This song is another great showcase of the musical talent of CoB, great interweaved guitar and keyboard lines. The lyrics are good, but again, Alexi has a great voice, but he doesn't use it to his full potential.

To all | Reviewer: Wrathchold
    ------ About the song Needled 24/7 performed by Children Of Bodom

Hey! I don't know if ALexi's vocal is good or not! All I care is his vocal touch my heart... That's music for me! Rest of all, fuck you!!

Children of Bodom the best I ever listen or seen in death metal band...!! | Reviewer: Travis
    ------ About the song Everytime I Die performed by Children Of Bodom

U used to listened death metal....but if u don't used to listen children of Bodom ...your insane...its meanigless....METAL ..u like a hurricane,and listen Children Of Bodom ...!!

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