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Chicago based Chevelle is comprise of brothers Sam (drummer
/ bandleader), Pete (vocals/guitar),and Joe (bass)
Loeffler. For four and a half years, Chevelle has been
steadily building momentum as one of the "Windy City's"
most promising young rock bands.

Sam, Pete and Joe seem to read one another's thoughts
onstage, seemingly via a sibling-inherent telepathy.The
trait is uncanny, yet somehow expected from three who have
spent their whole lives in such close quarters. While they
were habitually bashing away in their parents' basement More...

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Review about Chevelle songs
The Anger - What Do You Do With It? | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song The Red performed by Chevelle

Sorry if I sound like the person before me, but if anything I agree with her for the most part. The RED. Its what takes over to overcome opression from whatever forces are trying to push you down, and if you just let it continue to push you down you will find yourself detached from life.
If anything, as a Christian, if we can give up the "RED" to God, He can help us control it and communicate better to mankind without lashing out uncontrollably.
Lastly, I don't speak for the song or band because like others have said, I don't think these guys are a Christian band, but I still have respect for them for what they're able to convey in my heart by their lyrics.

Read The Disclaimer | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Still Running performed by Chevelle

To whoever added the disclaimer, well, you kinda did my work for me, but I'll reiterate:
"We should all have hope and look towards the day where man realizes that the sounds exiting his mouth are mostly complaints and a change occurs."

With that in mind, to add what Jay said, yes, we are all still running and always being pushed and never satisfied, hence none of us really understand the words that come out our mouths as it said in the disclaimer.

My Take On This | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song I Get It performed by Chevelle

Vengeance, perhaps? After watching the video, I saw a man whose boss cheats on his wife and is a jackwagon towards his fellow workers. Chevelle does a stellar job of instigating sarcasm towards those who think they're perfect.

Mia Is Aim Spelled Backwards, So Take A Chill Pill | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Mia performed by Chevelle

Here's my take on this (I could be wrong) but here goes.

Its easy to talk around people so that we can design our words to fit everyone's needy hearts and minds. Not necessarily talking down to people but more or less not telling the whole story. Perhaps sugar coating conversation to evade the truth. However, once again Chevelle packs their sarcastic punch of saying "I made the face that bugs you." "I won't design conversation around you." In my opinion, I think they're saying they're taking "aim" through their "spyglass" waiting for the next person who gets too easily offended in this day and age. They "won't design conversation around"/sugarcoat anything.

In other words, take a chill pill before you fall under the aim of the spyglass.

"You're right. I get it. It all makes sense..."

self awarwness continued | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bend The Bracket performed by Chevelle

And people see that,.
So Pete interjects here, implying that a lack of personal experience creates a lack of personal identity, and so your now perceived identity are bits and pieces of what you really are and what you've become.

Because the more you constrict your true nature, avoiding social ostracism, you won't learn who or what you are.
You'll become refused by the world, then having done so for so long, yourself.
That's why it's repeated.
In summary, a shell of a man is no man, no matter how you vend the bracketed definition.

Self awareness | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bend The Bracket performed by Chevelle

This song is seemingly about self identity and confronting, conforming, and combatting the social norm.
It's a bit of a soliloquy, the subject is either facing a growing crowd, or realizing how his nature contrasts to those around him (how blood is thicker than water).
By his collar being pulled he feels constricted, that if he doesn't look beyond himself that he won't belong, and so he destroys his own identity (brings a world of pain) or starts to.
And so inner conflict begins ; his autonomy is replaced by the mechanical movements a group makes, as he begins to blend with the crowd.
But his conscious is telling him to stop, but is either refusing, or still being refused by those he tries to act like.
So he goes further, breaking down whatever they do and making it a part of him, shoving it to be a part of himself, but "being foolish" won't cover his true identity, he can't make himself something .he's not, and people see that.
Again refused
Here Pete interjected, observing that lack of experience defines lack of identity,

This song is amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bend The Bracket performed by Chevelle

I really enjoy the way this song can be interpreted so many different ways. No matter what mood you're in, it always seems to fit. Plus, it has a very heavy, substantial feel to it without being over complicated. Great if you like to zone out into the music.

Fix your lyrics | Reviewer: Hannah
    ------ About the song Face To The Floor performed by Chevelle

You wrote "fiddle inside your drugs" when it should be "fiddle inside your drawers".

You also put "time to find the noose" when it should say "time to vamenos".
And I'm sure there's more errors... But I do agree that his lyrics are hard to comprehend mainly because they just simply don't make sense and they sound like him saying random sentences. But I do love his songs.

Fav song from Chevelle | Reviewer: CaRLa
    ------ About the song Letter From a Thief performed by Chevelle

I love everything about this song.I love how he sings with so much heart.I personally think hes singing about someone he loved and when he does think about her he wants her to stay with him spiritually,so he can never forget about her.

Amazing | Reviewer: Alec
    ------ About the song Sleep Apnea performed by Chevelle

I truely think he rolls into the next line when he says about Sleep Apknee so to say. I think Pete meant for it to roll like this. "Eyes scorned from sleep apne-A slight of tongue as the seas are emptying" That's how i believe he meant it. Either way it's a well written song and even if he did shorten it doesn't change how awesome it is:)

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