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Chevelle Biography

Last updated: 12/05/2012 03:55:46 PM

Chicago based Chevelle is comprise of brothers Sam (drummer / bandleader), Pete (vocals/guitar),and Joe (bass) Loeffler. For four and a half years, Chevelle has been steadily building momentum as one of the "Windy City's" most promising young rock bands.

Sam, Pete and Joe seem to read one another's thoughts onstage, seemingly via a sibling-inherent telepathy.The trait is uncanny, yet somehow expected from three who have spent their whole lives in such close quarters. While they were habitually bashing away in their parents' basement from the beginning, the band was also busy booking gigs. Although they started out playing the obligatory party and outdoor social event circuit, in short order Chevelle was being booked in Chicago clubs such as the Fireside Bowl and Lounge Axe. Eighteen-year-old Joe, the youngest member, is one of the few teens who can brag about playing Chicago's prestigious Double Door when he was a mere fourteen.

Chevelle has had their less than glamorous moment s as well. For example, Pete offers up the song "Dos" to illustrate the universal experience of a band playing for an all but empty room. Though surely excruciating, the event produced a song with lyrics that are wryly humorous in context. "You two, you're what's left / I don't take requests." Though amusing, there's a touch of anger in the line as well, which is underscored by Pete's emotive voice (which can alternate between dispassionate detachment and primal scream in the course of a song). It's an emotion prominent throughout Point #1 , and a major part of Chevelle's brand of expression. "Music can help get aggression out of you," says Pete. "I don't want to live an angry life." Which is obvious from the subject matter at hand in the first single from point #1, "Mia." "Though it's named after a girl I know, the song is simply about quality," offers Pete, who delivers the lyric, "I'm made of peanuts, not of shells" as a way of saying that the payoff exists

when you get below the surface.