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BORN: May 20, 1946, El Centro, CA

As I look upon Cherylin Sarkisian LaPiere, I see a woman
who has led a spectacular life and behind her celebrity
status and flawless complexion lies a woman who has
experienced a rather eventful past. Better known as Cher,
her success in music, movies, television, and on stage has
brought her nearly four decades of world recognition. In a
career defined as much by dramatic missteps as spectacular
recoveries, the chief constant is her seemingly limitless

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Review about Cher songs
Assumptions | Reviewer: Saorla
    ------ About the song The Fall (Kurt's Blues) performed by Cher

I am thoroughly disgusted that so many assume Kurt committed suicide when there is so much evidence to support at the very least a resonable doubt.
Regardless of her intentions, its 19.5 years after his death and I have difficulty imagining Cher would have the slightest clue what being Kurt Cobain was like except for the fame aspect perhaps.
I'm not saying I hate the song nor its seeming intent. I just don't accept its personal vibility regarding Cher or he co-authors. There are certainly some truths in it -'We'd wAlk nowhere in your shoes /Well the good news if there's any / Is you ever lived at all / but our country kills its heroes / We just raise them for the fall.'

    ------ About the song Piu' Che Puoi (with Eros Ramazzotti) performed by Cher



My mtDNA is Dancing For JOY | Reviewer: GALILEE MILLS
    ------ About the song Woman's World performed by Cher

Thank you for your web site. CHER is a woman who has the VOICE to help so many women. She's MOTHER GODDESS CHER from now on, to me. Abuse is like a feather blowing in the breeze when I hear CHER sing this song, It's A Woman's World. The song writers were men! There are a few good men in the world. My husband being one of them. We let male dominate religion go, recently. It triggered trauma for me to be in church and sunday school.
A movement for the WOMEN is needed. Thank you.

Timely | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Woman's World performed by Cher

Just the title Cher's song is a bit of a call for a movement. Across the world women are in trouble - from small pay to lack of healthcare, poor water, victims of wars- refugees. Mothers still trying to raise their children alone or in a family intact. Still mothers and grandma's sisters and aunts are even 3rd class citizens in some nations.- and let's never forget the sex trade and enslavement. Women are strong - I certainly am - I am sure this song is sowed into the soul of every woman who hears it.And fruit will bear. I think it's most timely. As a Christian, where Christ Himself was powerful in the women's lives; The Gospels tell us that. The letters to Paul and other disciples involve the women in importance. I hear from Christian ministers in Asia and Pakistan and Africa where bad things happen to women - and they are ashamed and freaked out and want to know what to do. I say along with your ministry - get a women's movement going. Appeal to your leaders to pass laws. Have a Woman's Day!! for Heaven's Sake. Thankful that a positive song for women has emerged as a beacon - it's filled with pain and being spun around - but this world does that! All women know this to some degree or all of degrees. Self Worth comes from Knowing God Loves You - and understands and is your defender. I believe this song is timely for rescue. God will use it - to lift up his daughters. P.S. Cher doesn't need extra dancers tho - unless there is stage fright or for moral support. She's good by herself. She's the one who is singing.

she's back!! | Reviewer: matthew
    ------ About the song Woman's World performed by Cher

Great,new track off Chers long awaited follow up to Living Proof. Yes, it's been 10 years since we have waited for a new album! Track is electro-pop great beat with a rousing chorus which will have you shouting and/or singing along over and over again. Welcome back Diva! You have been missed!

Comments | Reviewer: Jimmy W.
    ------ About the song Main Man performed by Cher

This is one of the loveliest songs by Cher from the 80s. Written by Desmond Child (who worked with Bon Jovi at the time), it illustrates the real power of simplicity when tackling a power ballad. Perfection.

Absolute, correct lyrics for Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) recorded by Cher in 1966 and written by her husband Sonny Bono. | Reviewer: Gerry Noland
    ------ About the song Bang Bang performed by Cher

I was five and he was six, We rode on horses made of sticks, He wore black and i wore white, He would always win the fight. Bang Bang, he shot me down, Bang Bang, i hit the gound, Bang Bang, that awful sound, Bang Bang, my baby shot me down. Theaseus came and changed the time, When i grew up i called him mine, He would always laugh and say, Remember when we used to play. Bang Bang, i shot you down, Bang Bang, you hit the ground, Bang Bang, that awful sound, Bang Bang, i used to shoot you down. Music played and people sang, Just for me the church bells rang. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey. Now he's gone, I don't know why, Until this day, Sometimes i cry, He dident even say goodbye, He dident take the time to lie. Bang Bang, he shot me down, Bang Bang, i hit the gound, Bang Bang, that awful sound, Bang Bang, my baby shot me down.

Am tunisian | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Believe performed by Cher

Hey i loved this song so so much i swear i heard it since more than 8 years and i tread to download it or get it but infortunately i failed cause my english was horrible but since 1 year i started learning it and i dedicated most of time to understand it and yesternight i watched this clip in a channel and i got the most word of this lyric and i searching in google and i downloaded it any way am happy to got it and i play it all the time :)

Heart tugging | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song What'll I Do performed by Cher

Iagree that Bea Arthur's rendition of "What'll I Do," on one of the episode's of "The Golden Girls" was the best.Such feelng and timing, I was brought to tears hearing it, having just ended a relationship it just touched my heart.


Sonny and Cher in Good Times | Reviewer: Zenia Crispino
    ------ About the song Trust Me performed by Cher

Dear Sonny and Cher,
I like the one in my computer with tons of classic
music videos on,t could ask you
a new question When was your date died in what year
did soliders shot him?Well,I will find out that you
can be a songwriter.Thank you.And good luck going
to the heaven,Sonny.I gonna miss you very much.
love,Zenia Crispino

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