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George Harrison Cheer Down Lyrics

Last updated: 12/28/2010 10:00:00 AM

I can see by your grin
That you're trembling within
It's all over town, cheer down
And the smile on your face
Is sometimes out of place
Don't mind, no frowns, cheer down.

If your hair should fall
If your shares should crash
You'll get by even without getting a rash

There's no tears to be shed
I'm gonna love you instead
I want you around, cheer down.

When your teeth drop out
You'll get by even without taking a bite

If your dog should be dead
I'm gonna love you instead
The world loves a clown, cheer down.
I want you around, cheer down

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A Great Tune From A Great Film From 1989! | Reviewer: Cold Warrior | 12/27/10

In the late 80s George was on a major roll. The "Cloud 9" album and all its hits, the Traveling Wilburys and then this unique rocker complete with synth and an extensive slide guitar workout from Beatle George. Lethal Weapon 2 is a charming and fun movie from a colorful decade and this number starts playing when the closing credits begin and I didn't want to exit the cinema just yet! Let the good times roll!

Absolutely.... | Reviewer: Bill | 3/30/09

Cheer Down is a definitive example of George Harrison's creative genius. This composer rivaled, & perhaps excelled Lennon & McCartney in his ability to blend harmony & message through his music. Thank goodness he will live on through his songs.