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Seasick Steve Cheap Lyrics

Last updated: 04/24/2012 12:00:00 PM

Used to live behind a grocey store,
newspaper as my bed,
cooked my food on old canned heat,
it weren't fancy but it sure were cheap.

Lord you be surpirse
at what the stores do throw away,
a loaf of bread
just little a little bit green,
a can of Campbells past its date,
a bag or oranges just too sweet,
something else I think that used to be meat,
thats the thing about living on the street,
it ain't to fancy but it sure is cheap.

It sure is cheap.

It sure is cheap.

Get tired of eating alone
I just walk down the street
salvation army sing about jesus
lord it's time to eat.

It sure is cheap.

Everything I have in the world
I could carry on my back
wanna get to New York city
just head to the railroad track
well now its time for me to go,
I gotta train to meet
it ain't the fastest way I know
but lord it sure is cheap.

It sure is cheap.


It sure is cheap. (x16)

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