Charley Pride Albums

  • There's A Little Bit Of Hank In Me Album (3/1/1980)
    There's A Little Bit Of Hank In Me
    My Son Calls Another Man Daddy
    Moanin' The Blues
    Mansion On The Hill
    Mind Your Own Business
    I Can't Help It (if I'm Still In Love With You)
    Honky Tonk Blues
    I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
    I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
    Why Don't You Love Me
    You Win Again

  • Burgers And Fries Album (3/1/1978)
    Burgers And Fires
    Best In The World
    Whose Arms Are You In Tonight
    Nothing's Prettier Than Rose Is
    When I Stop Leaving (i'll Be Gone)
    I Can See The Lovin' In Your Eyes
    One On One
    You Snap Your Fingers (and I'm Back In Your Hands)

  • Someone Loves You Honey Album (3/1/1977)
    Someone Loves You Honey
    Georgia Keeps Pulling On My Ring
    I Live You
    Play Guitar Play
    Another I Love You Kind Of Day
    More To Me
    Days Of Our Lives
    Daydreams About Night Things
    Days Of Sand And Shovels
    I'm Never Leavin' You

  • Charley Album (3/1/1975)
    Hope You're Feelin' Me (like I'm Feelin' You)
    Searching For The Morning Sun
    Hardest Part Of Livin's Loving Me
    Now And Then
    I Ain't All Bad
    She's As Close As I Can Get To Loving You
    One Mile More
    Lovin' Understandin' Man

  • Country Feelin' Album (3/1/1974)
  • Pride Of America Album (3/1/1974)
  • Amazing Love Album (3/1/1973)
  • Sweet Country Album (3/1/1973)
  • A Sunshiny Day Album (3/1/1972)
  • Songs Of Love By Charley Pride Album (3/1/1972)
  • Sings Heart Songs Album (3/1/1971)
  • I'm Just Me Album (3/1/1971)
  • From Me To You Album (3/1/1971)
  • 10th Album Album (3/1/1970)
  • Just Plain Charley Album (3/1/1970)
  • The Sensational Charley Pride Album (3/1/1969)
  • The Best Of Charley Pride Album (3/1/1969)
  • Make Mine Country Album (3/1/1968)
  • In Person Album (3/1/1968)
  • Songs Of Pride... Charley That Is Album (3/1/1968)
  • The Country Way Album (3/1/1967)
  • Pride Of Country Music Album (3/1/1967)
  • Country Album (3/1/1966)

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    Charley Pride - A Sunshiny Day | Reviewer: James G. Conroy
        ------ About the album A Sunshiny Day performed by Charley Pride

    This is my favorite Album by Charley Pride.
    I understand it is out of print, and only avaliable as a LP record, if anyone knows how I can get this Album in another foemat please let me know. I would be happy to pay for it !
    I shook hands, and huged the neck of that man in a Walmart parking lot in Berryville Arkansas, and told him what a huge part of life he was to me in song.

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