Charles Hamilton Albums

  • StH4: Shadow the Hamilton Album (8/27/2012)
    Carrie Anne
    Doesn't End (4uITmayCONCERN)
    Heartb eat
    Many Ways ( From Doom to You)
    Motivational Speaker was my first job of choice
    Carrie Anne (my grip of said pistol; no scansion)
    Carry On (as pistol said to my grip; no scansion)
    Control Belief
    Do It By Choice
    Doesn't End (to you, since you're concerned)
    Guess What
    How AsYThoughts
    Many Ways
    Mending (Ing titles)
    U R Special
    Whole New Way
    Whole New Way (Doominology)
    Charles Hamilton – Best Blogger Alive ( Shadows Lullaby)

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