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Staring at a maple leaf
Leaning on the mother tree
I said to myself we all lost touch
Your favorite fruit is chocolate covered cherries
And seedless watermelon ohhhh
Nothing from the ground is good enough
Body rise
look what's over me

Oh chariot, your golden waves
Are walking down upon this face
Oh chariot, I'm singing out loud
To guide me
Give me your

Remember seeking moons rebirth
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Rains made mirrors of the earth
The sun was just yellow energy
It is a living promise land
Even over fields of sand
Since it's filled my body, covered me
Bringing back
More than a memory


You'll be my vacation away from this place
You know what I want
Holding that cup,
It's pouring over the sides
You make me wanna spread my arms and fly


Give me your strength (Chariot)
Give me your strength (Chariot)
Give me your strength (Chariot)
Give me your strength (Chariot)

Give me your strength,
Give it to me (Chariot)
Give me your strength,
Give it to me (Chariot)
Give me your strength,
Give it to me (Chariot)
Give me your strength,
Oh chariot

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Song Meaning | Reviewer: Mishy | 8/26/11

The song for me speaks of a spirit crying out for strength to overcome worldliness and vanity in this world that is full of lies and deceit.

I agree with "shelbystaygold".

In the bible you'll find,

"...It happened, as they still went on, and talked, that behold, a chariot of fire and
horses of fire separated them; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven (2 Kings 2:11)..."

Oh chariot, your golden waves
Are walking down upon this face
Oh chariot, I'm singing out loud
To guide me
Give me your

Watch Gavin's Music Video for this one.

Isaiah review | Reviewer: Isaiah | 1/8/11

The song falls more to nature but also comes out like a love song (chariot can metaphorically reffer to a lady according to me).The song is well harmonised for it feels too good to the ears.To me it seems that Gavin works on the choruses more for a chorus determines how pleasing a piece of music will sound to the ears.SURELY GAVIN DOES COMMEDABLE WORKS.

Meaning | Reviewer: Dale | 9/18/10

I'm pretty sure the dude is singing about the sun, and how its light affects everything. In Greek mythology, the sun god, Helios, rode a chariot across the sky from morning to night. I'm sure it could be a love song or something, too, but to me it seems to be about nature.

yeah... | Reviewer: kaylahis | 6/15/10

I just think Gavin Degraw is an amazing artist. His voice is beautiful. And his lyrics just always paint such a vivid picture that even if you can't relate, you can see. I can't tell you what this song means, but I do know that when I'm feeling bad I listen to it. It reminds me how beautiful life is and how it should be celebrated. And how we should remember how wonderful and bountiful mother earth is. I am not religious, but this song reminds me that I am blessed and reminds me to refocus on what really matters.

This song is so nostalgic! | Reviewer: clint owen cambo | 11/1/09

I barely remember songs from the past, even if it has become a novelty, but this... Up until now this song gives me the chills... It brings up a lot of lucid memories I don't imagine I'm capable of reminiscing of...

Chariot | Reviewer: shelbystaygold | 6/23/09

i think this song is about losing touch with nature, and taking advantage of what we have ( "...Your favorite fruit is chocolate covered cherries & seedless watermelon") That says it all. It's like we can't just have the natural fruit we should already be grateful for. I think gavin begins to look at what's around him. He talks about the chariot walking down on the face of the earth and it's golden waves. When asks he the chariot to guide him, i think of "swing low, sweet chariot", which is a spiritual song where the chariot is the vehicle to heaven. I think he wants the strength to not let material things get in his way. He doesn't want to gain the world, and lose his soul.
He start's referring to nature...the moon, rain, when the sun was just yellow energy & not used for solar energy and such unnecessary things. He wants that to be brought back, he want it to be more than a memory. He talks about the promise land, and how it is real even though we can't see it. The chariot will be his vacation away from this place that has turned into nothing like it used to be & how he wishes it was. He just wants to fly away.

CHARIOT | Reviewer: Sina | 1/8/08

Gavin DeGraw is definitely my favorite singer! I have loved his music since the first beggining. His music and especially this song has helped me through a very hard time. I love this song so much. Everytime when i hear it lots of memories comes to my mind. I would like to thank Gavin to make such an amazing song, but Im not so sure how to do that.

<3 this song | Reviewer: You | 9/11/07

oh em gee! this song is so great it just makes me want to fuck bitches and hoes all day! the lyrics just remind me of fuckin' bitches and hoes.

Chariot! | Reviewer: | 7/9/07

I love this song...It's amazing...the music, lyrics...
and I feel a lil' bit like Chariot in a strenght



the best song ever | Reviewer: whitney | 5/29/07

this song is the best song ever.. i absolutly love it... ive never heard any thing like it and i dont think i ever will because its so original.. i love it... gavin did his thing on this one!

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