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What do you think of me
Now that you know who I am
What do you think of me
What do you think of that plan
That we had for so long
Why did it have to change

I'm still the same
your the one whose changed
I'm still the same
Your rearranged

How is it so hard to forget
What people say
When they say it face to face
I can't change the truth
You can't change the truth
I'm all I'll ever be

You just wish that you could change time
But now you can't
When everyone laughed at me
Oh you laughed at me too

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Good God... | Reviewer: Daniel | 10/28/09

To all those ignorant monkeys who feel vindicated in insulting a pair of 13 year old girls for what they believe in, you should be drug out in the streets and shot. You filthy bleeting sheep, save the world by killing yourselves.

Born of hate. | Reviewer: Child | 11/16/08

I'm looking at this unbiasedly and no matter what meaning you all think it has, the lyrics themselves really don't mention Jews, or blacks, or anything.

You can see and hear how sad they are having things shoved down their throats. Don't feel sorry for them, don't hate them, just leave them be.

tsk tsk...... | Reviewer: Sarah | 1/27/08

Um, last time I checked, Jewish people ARE White.... I look White (blonde hair, blue eyes).
I'm a Messianic Jew now, but I still love and embrace my Orthodox Jewish heritage in every way. Jeez, this is such shameless bullshit, and I am gravely sorry for these young girls.

Lamb & Lynx are the future | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/08

I feel sorry for all those who have been brainwashed by the Jewish media into being ashamed of being White. There are plenty of songs by Black artists with far more racist views than this.

If you just sit back for a minute and look at what's going on around you with all the non-white immigrants coming into our countries and killing/raping our people and turning our towns, villages and cities into slums then maybe, just maybe, you'll get a grasp of what they are saying. Until then. I feel sorry for you because you are the ones who will fall first

Opinion | Reviewer: Jaylen | 7/27/07

I think everyone should have the right to an opinion. However, people should know when to not say something.

I think that these girls were brought up wrong and it's all they know.

I was really disgusted at some of the lyrics. I don't care whether your're coloured or white. We're all the same in the end. Do we not all have a heart.

These girls need to see whats on the other side of the fence though. It's a shame tha think like that.

Hitler was drugged up all the time and his trusted friends and what not fed him ideas. They only chose him because he was a good public speaker and that he could win the crowd over.

sicko | Reviewer: shanel | 7/12/07

you are some of the most sick people i have ever heard of not all people who are different than you are bad you are the bad ones you and your mom are dumb she tought you ways of hate and it is still not to late to CHANGE! you have a very sick family:(

Daylene, retard? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/07

Hitler did have a lot of good ideas, he was just stupid.

Nice song | Reviewer: Heritage, not hate | 5/8/07

Really nice song, the girls are still young and need some experience in singing, but they really have some serious talent!

And Daylene, really classy to call innocent teenage girls bitches... You give a very foolish and hateful impression of yourself by saying things like that.

Disgusting | Reviewer: Daylene | 4/28/07

You people make me sick. I watched a documentary on these little white bitches. They said Hitler had a lot of good ideas. MY ASS! Hitler lost. These white bitches need to burn in hell.

Fantastic. | Reviewer: Kylie. | 3/24/07

Just goes to show that not all of their songs are about racial pride.

I absolutely love this song. It's fantastic. Lynx took lead vocals and it's amazing.

They are both extremely talented. People who have never heard their songs or do not know them are always quick to judge. Never judge a book by it's cover.

L&L you are truly amazing stars. x

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