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The Killers Change Your Mind Lyrics

Last updated: 09/04/2011 11:00:00 AM

Racey days
Help me through the hopeless haze
But my oh my
Tragic eyes
I can't even recognize myself behind
So if the answer is no
Can I change your mind

Out again, a siren screams at half past ten
And you won't let go
While I ignore, that we both felt like this
Before it starts to show
So if I had a chance
Would you let me know

Why aren't you shaking
Step back in time
Graciously taken
Oh you're too kind

And if the answer is no
Can I change your mind

We're all the same
And love is blind
The sun is gone
Before it shines

And I said if the answer is no
Can I change your mind

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So relatable | Reviewer: Hopeless-Romantic | 9/3/11

1.think of your crush.
2.make a heart with your hands
3.then kiss your hands while still making the heart.
4.then put the heart where your real heart is
5.tomorrow your crush will ask you out.
6.this will only work if you post this to your favorite love song

What can I say, I don't believe in this crap, this song's so the story of my life.

change your mind | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/07

I listened to this when I was confused about this guy and mine's relationship. All their songs are so relatable. True Love=Killers.