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Wale Change Up Lyrics

Last updated: 01/02/2013 05:35:56 AM

Same old
I am, same old
Uh, look
Know why the Wale Folarin
Aka Ralf, dale tho
Im still over there

Okay, the same old nigga since day one
Choppas again, so now tennis shoes ray guns
Yea, raise up your glass, puff and pass for they hatin ass
Ws on my mind, peep what Im getting at
From where they drivers forgotten who you blocka for parkers
Shorty from walla place say Wale who stop up your progress?
Not a problem, they dont mind, I need part of me polished
Another let up, keep one light up, nigga carry carry
Its very simple, Im innocent now you never win it
And Im playin balls with a chess board nigga Bobby Fischer
She let me hit it, her gut feel it like premonitions
Woo, you know Im feelin myself
By the way of the belt, where way they hatin too much
When niggas dirty, thirsty, hungry, they subject to lunch
Right? Well at least greasy, thats the problem being that on
Not no LeBron but Im cool with being Jamal Kroll
Just bought me these rubies, mad tired of these niggas
Band say Im out stuntin, like a tint job on a Bentley
They plan a coupe, dont tempt me
Tatted up with angels, as I pray I dont get caught up in this game nigga
About a dollar so they holla and I change nigga
Uh, same lyrics just the stage different
Sneaky man now your son was still crane kicker
Sothe haters better rain check me
One call to clean em up, still hang with made niggas

Ha ha, Wale tho
Keep that shit rollin nigga
Never switch up man
Its about to be Wale season in a minute
If yall niggas already knew uh

Im the same old nigga
Same old nigga