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Hanson Change In My Life Lyrics

Last updated: 10/08/2009 12:00:00 PM

Standing cold and scared on top of the hill
Then came the moment when I lost my will
I prayed for mercy, please don't take me away
Give me the sunshine when I only see rain
the past had a hold on me it can't be denied
and the changes didn't come easily

I've been lonely I've been cheated
I've been misunderstood
I've been washed up, put down, and told I'm no good
But with you I belong 'cause you helped me be strong
There's a change in my life since you came along
Now I don't mind working so hard every day
And I don't pay no mind to what people say
'Cause after all the pain I've been through
I give up everything just to love only you
All my life I've held my head bent in shame
Now I found you and with you I've been made

Now a man gets crazy when his life is all wrong
And a heart gets weary when it doesn't belong
When the road gets rocky, you've got to keep on
Let the new light shining on through
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