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The Truth King Koopa a.k.a the Chamillinater, started off
in Screwston, Tx (houston, tx) in the late 1990s dropping
many freestyle albums and mixtapes. The mixtapes were made
for the nawf side of H-town and were backed by the
Swishahouse and Michael "5000" Watts. The southside had
Screw (R.I.P.) and the rest of the S.U.C. During the late
1990s you might have heard Chamillionaire on plenty of
tracks with other Houston recording artists Paul Wall, as
well as other artist from the old Color Changin Click
(including, 50/50 Twin, Lew More...

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Review about Chamillionaire songs
read this haha | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ridin (Feat Krazie Bone) performed by Chamillionaire

i love this song because i do this all the time haha and you should do anthoer one because it is a really good song and thank you all all my friends who got me into it thanks chloe hart

Chamillionaire - Nail In Ya Coffin-Flow | Reviewer: Yo-Jo
    ------ About the song Flow (Nail In Ya Coffin) performed by Chamillionaire

we dont wanna start no flicks
we dont wanna hurt no rappers
we only being real when we say the color changin click is runnin tha game
its time it ate my money cars and jewelry although thats what u hearin on these mixtape ?
we gon speak da truth cuz its all we kno
now listen close and ask yoself do u still wanna roll

Chamillionaire Can't Deny Flow. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Flow (Can't Deny It) performed by Chamillionaire

Ooh ooh here he come, come. The Color Changin' Click gon' bleeds tha block. Ooh Ooh here he come, come. We some (?) deala's. Uh, as soon as he was born and preformed. Soon as Koopa preformed he'll show his charm, make ya take ya charm back to the pawn. Hold up. Lizard be lovin' you, ain't nobody touchin' you. In a barricade with a sausage like I'm untouchable. If I was illiterate, and stuttered a little bit, and had a real little dick, would your woman still live with it? You be the judge, is it yay or nay? (?) ain't on my screens when the answer display. Come to the car and check it, your woman totally naked. "But she's wearing my necklace"? Ey, gotta respect it. Can't be conceded my ego ain't big as my 22's. Look under the skirt at the fleet and stare at the shoes. Not scary, I'm rude. When in the area lewd. In love with my Ben franks, but never marry a dude. E-Even when I'm not carrying food. If I battled myself at rap I'd tie, I never lose. Never get beat at rappin'. Quit with the heater yappin'. I'll give you my car title if you ever see it happen. Freestyle or written, we the throwdest boys spittin', I'll wreck and drop the mic like, "I know this boy didn't". (?) say "What it do, Ey, Reginold", what up? Spanish say Ciete and my trunk flows, so shut up! London bridge is falling down, turned up my sound and *POOF* blew a hole in the ground. Don't buy no bootlegs. Make sure you get that real deal. Know what I'm talkin' about?. blah blah blah.

Chamillionaire Badboys Flow | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Flow (Bad Boyz) performed by Chamillionaire

I run with niggas that be smokin' stanky danky on some twankies. Won't curse inside my verse but your misses is tryin' ta *blank* me. Hold up. No need ta thank me I'm just tryin' ta get my cabbage better than average. Chamillion's the baddest even in Dallas. Hold up. My trunk won't pop, my trunk stay locked. I got 2 glocs and 2 15's in the back of the drop. And you can... snack on a cock if you thinkin' you miss thang. I grip grain, pull up on chrome and watch your lip hang. Hold up,...yeah, Yeah.

Most skilled artist alive today | Reviewer: Dillon D
    ------ About the song Fire performed by Chamillionaire

cham, ive been listening since 1999 and i was only 11 lol ya but any way ive seen how he has evolved as a artist and each year he gets better and better! when ever i here a throwed ass beat on the internet or somthin i say "damm i wonder if cham did a freestyle to dis shit" and he usualy does . its amasing he is true to the game and isn't some fake ass rapper like "lil zane" ..what cham refferd him as in one of his dis's. but any way let me get back to it , when i first heard fire drill i was like "why the fuck lil whayne and the game in this shit" ....later i figured that cham imitated them i was amazed he sounded just like em. cham is one of the greatest and the reason is because he cares about his fans and listens to what we want and he asks what we think about his music, thats why he leaks so much music cuz he wants our views abd feelings to what he is saying. not what the industry or who calles him out (50 cent) . cham is underground and he owns it.

What's the fuss? | Reviewer: Dr Dave
    ------ About the song Ridin performed by Chamillionaire

Yes indeed, word up to my man Patrick Fitzwilliam III for his masterful analysis of this excellent song.

Personally, as a Brit, I can't see what all the kerfuffle is about. Smoking blunts? Well, I understand that thirteen of your United States have now legalised marijuana for medical use; I'm sure these fine gentlemen have both got notes from their doctors authorising them to smoke "nigga trees".
Doing 100? I presume that, as products of a superb modern public educational system, they are measuring in metric units; 100 km/hour is about 60 mph, and surely this is an acceptable speed at which to travel in an unrestricted non-residential area, weather and traffic conditions permitting.
Got a revolver in his right hand? Isn't this his constitutional right? Undoubtedly he has a licence for his weapon.
He wants to 'bury his bone'? Isn't this what every dog wants to do?

However, I'm a little disgusted that he "rides" a dirty car. (In the UK, we 'drive' cars and 'ride' motorcycles. Just saying.) Doesn't he know that, by tradition, Sunday afternoons should be devoted to cleaning his steel 4-wheeled god? No wonder the Constabulary are "hatin'" him.

Someone earlier noted that you know you've made it when Weird Al makes a parody of your song. I'd add that you know you've made it when a meme forms around your lyrics. They see me trollin', they hatin': Win x2!

slab | Reviewer: Leticia
    ------ About the song Ridin (Feat Krazie Bone) performed by Chamillionaire

This isn't so much a review as it is a question. I am trying to find an old song, the lyrics are "sittn crooked in my slab" repeated over and over, if anyone knows the song, PLEASE let me know, email me if u have to,

No, I really quite appreciate the intellectual content of these lyrics. | Reviewer: Patrick Fitzwilliam III
    ------ About the song Ridin performed by Chamillionaire

Felicitations, my dear chaps, or "niggas" as one says in the great city. I most sincerely believe this song to be of only the highest caliber, as evidenced by these heartbreakingly beautiful lines:

"I been drinkin and smokin holdin shit cause a brother can't focus"

"Doin a hundred while I puff on the blunt"

"Cause they denyin is racial profiling"

Indeed, has racial discrimination and false profiling of innocents extended so far as to harm the reputations of these upstanding role models? This cold, matter-of-fact analysis of the state of modern law enforcement officers will leave many a heart calling for reform. | Reviewer: tina
    ------ About the song Ridin performed by Chamillionaire

yeah, I'm black and i hate this song. my dad is a marine and i'm proud of him. the only reason chamillionaire is being chased by cops is because he broke the fucking law! :p seriously! wut a douche bag

AMAZING SONG! | Reviewer: Daniel
    ------ About the song Ridin performed by Chamillionaire

I'm not sure when or where I first heard this song... probably just playing around on youtube. U should check out the music video, I like the part where the cop says, "YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT, THAT MEANS SHUT UP!!!!"
While you're at it, u should see White N Nerdy.

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