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Chalice Biography

Last updated: 11/03/2005

Chalice is unlike anything you"ve ever heard before.

Theirs is a unique style of moody metallic rock with a distinct folk flavour, whispers of progressive technicality & intense dynamics, all fronted by an unmistakable female voice. Think Evanescence mingled with Enya & Dream Theater, with some Jethro Tull thrown in. Getting the idea? Read on...

The beginnings of Chalice go back to January 1997, when Shiralee Morgan (vocals/ keys/primary composer) & Adrian Bickle (drums/lyrics) joined forces with the intent to create heavy emotional, melodic music. 1998 saw the introduction of guitarist Sean Graetz into the band, along with other members since departed, & a promotional CD was recorded. On the strength of this CD, Chalice was signed to Modern Invasion Music. Soon afterwards they were joined by guitarist Justin Hartwig to record their first album "Chronicles of Dysphoria", which also featured a session violinist. By the time of the album"s release their ranks had also been swelled by the addition of Alana Probert on flute, whose ethereal quality brought a new dimension to the Chalice sound for their second album, "An Illusion to the Temporary Real", released in late 2001. Bass player Simon Henderson entered the picture shortly before their Australian Tour in 2002 to complete the current line-up.

To date, some of Chalice"s greatest triumphs have included: stellar performances & overwhelming crowd response at Australia"s national heavy music festival Metal For The Brain two years in a row; "An Illusion to the Temporary Real" having been voted in the top 5 best Australian albums in a Triple J (national radio) listener"s poll; a highly successful Australian Tour; & support billing with international acts such as extreme metal legends Mayhem & Sweden"s gods of melodic metal Opeth.

November 2003 brought us Chalice"s third & finest release, "Augmented". Recorded & mixed at Amethyst Studio in Sydney, engineered by Astennu (formerly of Norway"s Dimmu Borgir), & mastered by Steve Smart at Sydney"s revered Studio 301, this album displays the exponential growth of this talented group of musicians, captured in clear, full-bodied sound production. The seven tracks range in style from hard-paced & catchy pieces, to heart-rending ballads & rollercoaster epics. "Augmented" also packs a visual punch, with cover artwork from one of Australia"s brightest young artists, Andy Ellis, & spirited photography by Adelaide"s talented Jennie Groom. Compositional brilliance, intricate arrangements, truly memorable melodies, impressive musicianship & elegant, expressive lyrics... these mark "Augmented" as one of the most outstanding releases ever to come out of Australia, & Chalice as one of the world"s more exceptional & diverse musical acts.

Through "Augmented", let Chalice take you on a journey, exploring the many facets of human emotion & experience...