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From the moment Chaka came on the music scene, as a member
of the sophistofunk band Rufus, one of the first
multi-racial pop/rock/soul bands, it was apparent that
someone of vocal importance was emerging. Chaka was a new
breed of singer -- self-taught and she bluntly ignored
tradition. When it wasn't fashionable for singers to record
their own background vocals, Khan made her own fashion
statement and arranged her own -- laying down one track
while assembling another -- competing with herself
endlessly until all of her trademark More...

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Review about Chaka Khan songs
favorite song | Reviewer: ron burton
    ------ About the song Smokin' Room performed by Chaka Khan

I first heard this song as a teenager - and through out the years I had the chance to see Chaka Kahn and have enjoyed every
minute of it. However I never heard Chaka Kahn or (Rufus) perform this song, I am happy to be able to listen to one of my all time favorite songs.

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    ------ About the song The Message In The Middle Of The Bottom performed by Chaka Khan

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The best song ever. Praise God!!! | Reviewer: Patricia Jean Brown
    ------ About the song Best Of Your Heart performed by Chaka Khan

I heard this song years ago and I got the meaning. There are so many unhappy and bitter people in the world that always try to get the best of your heart. God always searches the heart so try and do your best to do what is right from your heart. God Bless!!!

Patricia Jean Brown
(513) 631-8504
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I Love this song | Reviewer: rupert michael
    ------ About the song Ain't Nobody performed by Chaka Khan

this song is one of my best old school songs i first heard in 80's while growing up in the break dancing era. till date its still on my top 10 chart old school list.Chaka khan you are just too much. I wish you could come out with remix of this track- "Ain't Nobody".

Missing My Son Micheal "Duda"Griffin 7/17/90-5/16/09 | Reviewer: Loleata Griffin
    ------ About the song Angel performed by Chaka Khan

This song means soo much to me, it describe my son perfectly. I miss him so much and listen to it all the time or just to feel close to him. It was even one of the songs played at his funeral. Thank you Chaka for such a heartwarming song!!!

This was me 37 years ago, when I was young and innocent, no more.... | Reviewer: Mrs. Bernie Madoff
    ------ About the song Angel performed by Chaka Khan

I wish to GOD, that someone, somewere, would stop this hip hop crap for good. See the good music that your missing. When you all grow up, and trust me, you will grow up. Your memories will consist of, " let me lick you up and down, till you say stop", "let me play with your body baby, till you get hot". All the most vile and flithy lurics you have ever heard. You will not have the likes of the greats, like Chaka Khan, and Aretha. I can remember the 1967 riots in detroit, and riding around in my aunt Daytons car, with a small record player installed, playing 45's records, cause 8 track players, casette players, am/fm radio's and cd players weren't invented yet. And all you would hear is aretha franklin playing everywere you went, those were the good ole days. And I've been listening to chaka khan for about 35+ years, when she started out with the group "Rufus" and she was stick skinny and so was I. I love you chaka, don't ever leave us, and keep making those beautiful love songs, I play this song at least a hundred times a day, one of the most beautiful songs i have every heard, makes you cry, if your sensitive like myself, you go girl.

Thank you for such a beautiful song | Reviewer: Paula Alston
    ------ About the song Angel performed by Chaka Khan

Don't you know your love can heal. Those words cover so much surface. I have loved Chaka Khan ever since I was a little girl. I am hurting in my heart right now, but this song is helping me to remember to continue to love and not let the trials in this life stop me from loving and living.

Most beautiful song....EVER !!!!! | Reviewer: Wanda
    ------ About the song Angel performed by Chaka Khan

My all time favorite of Chaka's,my heart is so overwhelmed when i listen to this.I'm in a R&B group & this is my fave song 2 sing,i also do Sweet Thing & Everlasting Love...i just love her voice...she will alway's be #1 in my book!!!!!

American Idol...really?? really?? | Reviewer: Socimer
    ------ About the song Ain't Nobody performed by Chaka Khan

I can't believe people are crediting American Idol for discovering this Chaka & Rufus classic (Rufus was the music, written by Wolinski). It’s sad we’ve become a society where we can only discovery good music when some “American Idol” contestant decides to sing it.
Is this what we’ve become? Drones? There’s a reason why music from the 90’s-(most), 00’s, and even 10’s will never truly be like it once was. This song is from 1983, and it still blows away any $hit I’ve heard on the radio this week.

A wonderful song | Reviewer: Ron
    ------ About the song Angel performed by Chaka Khan

Chaka I loved all your songs. The music industry needs this kind of music today. A real singer with real music. I have been a fan of yours from day one. ( Back in the days of Sweet Thing). This song is touching. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it. It's a masterpiece.- Very few songs touch me in this way. You touched me on the level of a Mahalia Jackson or Patti La Belle song. I love it. Thank you Chaka.

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