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Incubus Certain Shade of Green Lyrics

Last updated: 11/04/2012 03:18:35 PM

A certain shade of green,
tell me, is that what you need?
All signs around say move ahead.
Could someone please explain to me your ever present
lack of speed?

Are your muscles bound by ropes?
Or do crutches cloud your day?
My sources say the road is clear,
and street signs point the way.

Are you gonna stand around till 2012 A.D.?
What are you waiting for,
A certain shade of green?
I think I grew a gray watching you procrastinate.
What are you waiting for,
A certain shade of green?

Would a written invitation
signed, "Choose now or lose it all,"
sedate your hesitation?
Or inflame and make you stall?
You've been raised in limitation,
but that glove never fit quite right.
The time has past for hand-me-downs,
choose a new, please evolve, take flight.


What are you waiting for?
A written invitation?
A public declaration?
A perfect consolation?

Remember when you procrastinate you choose last.

I think I grew a gray watching you procrastinate.

Are you gonna stand around till 2012 A.D.?
What are you waiting for,
A certain shade of green?
I think I grew a gray watching you procrastinate.

What are you waiting for (X6)

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actually | Reviewer: tra1n | 11/3/12

The lyrics are i think i grew a gray, not brain, and the basis of the song came from Brandon's childhood, his mother would feed him veggies, after refusing to eat them she would say, what are you waiting for, them to turn a certain shade of green. There is more to the song, but that's where the whole idea started.

Lyric correstion, and what I think of the lyrics.. | Reviewer: Karlie | 6/28/10

Kay, it's not "I think I grew a gray watching you procrastinate" it's "I think I grew a brain"

About the meaning behind the lyrics.. It's saying that the possible destruction of society is supposedly in 2012 A.D. I say destruction of society, not destruction of our planet because I know a lot about science and things that have been proven.. December 21, 2012 is the day that our solar system is crossing the galactic plane of our galaxy, Milky Way.. Our poles might flip, and that would knock out all satellites, but not destroy the planet.
The Mayan calender also ends in 2012, but not the entire thing it's self. The calender is a circle for a reason; circles never end. Mayans believed that everything happened in a cycle. I got this from a website:
The Maya thought that the world was created and destroyed 3 times and we are in the latest creation. To get an "absolute" date one uses:
(The first day begins on August 13th in the year 3114 BC)
In writing a date for an event the date is the Initial Series Introductory Glyph
1 K`in = 1 day
1 Winal = 20 K`in = 20days
1 Tun = 18 Winal = 360 days
1 K`atun = 20 Tun = 7,200 days
1 Bak`tun = 20 K`atun = 144,000 days(394.52 years)
The Mayan's were very astronomically advanced, and they based their calender off what they saw from space. They believed that there where 4 Bak`tuns, each one ending in disaster. They even predicted that one Bak`tun would end in the collapse of culture and society. The ending of that Bak`tun was when the Spaniards came and took over.
They also predicted that the end of Bak`tun 4 is Dec 21, 2012. Somehow, they managed to predict the exact date of when we would pass that galactic plane...
I don't know why they only said there was only going to be 4 Bak`tuns, maybe because they didn't want to predict the rest of forever, or maybe because they thought the end of this Bak`tun would end in even more disaster. I don't mean the planet blowing up or something, I mean society collapsing. After we cross the galactic plane, scientists are saying it will knock out every one of our satellites, stopping service to the internet, TVs, cell phones, etc. But no one is for certain what will happen, because none of us can predict the future.
So since our economy is going down the drain (well, it already has.. But it's only going to get worse..), maybe that's the disaster for Bak`tun 4, and if that happens it will be the biggest disaster our species has seen yet, so of course it's very significant.. Not all of us will survive, but not all of us will die, either..

Anyways, now that I have that explained... The whole "go green" movement, and things to try to mix all the mistakes our species has made, and pretty much everyone's saying "the lights green, go and do something! Make a difference!"
A certain shade of green is kind of like saying "Okay, the lights green.. That means go.. Why aren't you going? Are you waiting for a certain shade of green?" If every one of us did our part, maybe we wouldn't be in this shit hole.. "Are your muscles bound by ropes, or do crutches cloud your way?" Is saying, whats your excuse? Why are you not capable of making that change?

Anyways, that's just what makes the most sense to me.. And sorry about the huge rant on the Mayans.. I kind of had to in order for someone who really cares to read the whole thing to fully understand what I thought of the lyrics...

The meaning is.. | Reviewer: TNK | 1/6/10

whatever you want it to be. Only the author really knows HIS intent behind the words in the song. People will apply the meaning relative to their own life. Music paints a picture, but that picture is different for everyone. Enjoy it, and paint your own picture to the music and lyrics.

last minute | Reviewer: ( }:(|) | 10/9/09

everyone will interpret somthing different depending on how it relates to them, so i don't believe there is a right or wrong even if he did have an intended point. This song really realates to me and im sure many others who have left things to the last minute because for no other reason than procrastination. I am a painter and i always have an idea, but for no reason at all find it hard to get started, as if i'm waiting for some 'certain shade of green' to get inspired to start working. And if i'm doing a commissioned painting for someone i'l leave it to the very last minute where i start to feel the pressure, hence the '2012 A.D.' which is in a way a metaphor for the end. There is also much more underlying themes i have found in this song reflecting society and the way it's raised us in 'limitation'. But in the end i believe the song raises questions about are choices that we make and when decide to act upon them before it's all over.


My Interpretation | Reviewer: gogg | 3/10/09

Not to contest anyone who thinks the lyrics mean otherwise, but I just want to get some of my thoughts out on this song. Please consider the previous song on the album "magic medicine" and the ending quote, "the magic medicine has worked." Then certain shade starts to play with "work" being screamed to the point of it being distorted, obviously a nod to the fact that a 9 to 5 and menial daily tasks can distract us from an obvious and impending ultimatum.
The song is about cannabis, and the lack of involvement and activism of its users (that's why its heavier). I don't know much about Brandon Boyt, but if he's an artistic genius who smokes then he know's what he's talking about. He mentions a "shade" of green, strain, if you will. "The time has passed for hand-me-downs,
choose a new, please evolve, take flight." These two lines are the ones you should question most in the song. "hand-me-downs" are older, inferior strains; "choose a new, please evolve, take flight." He's thinking of a new evolved type of cannabis that can save the world. If you think about it, high grade female cannabis (sativa) has only been available to the average person for a couple years, and theres still a large amount of people who have no idea about it's (extremely positive) effects on health, mental ability/stability, and lack of bad effects contained by so called "hand-me-downs" cannabis of our previous "greying" generation. "Raised in limitation," obviously it's illegal. The chorus makes mention of 2012 A.D. and let's face it, the mere fact that 2012 is a way bigger deal now as compared to when this song came out should let the listener know that Brandon is obviously in tune with the culminating of events pointing to an inevitable apocalypse unless decisive action is taken. The song beckons "What are you waiting for?" and he answers himself "A certain shade of green." I think not only does this point to my cannabis theory, but also to green representing the environment, and green energy. Notice also how much "green" is a keyword in everything from marketing to politics these days as compared to when the song came out. Doesn't this make you wonder if he was right all along? Seems like he knows what he's talking about. 2012 is looming on the horizon, and the smartest physicists in the world think we only have a 50/50 chance of colonizing space and progressing mankind instead of nuking ourselves on this insignificant mud ball quickly becoming overrun with wars of religion, race, and terrorism. Maybe there IS some sort of magic medicine that can save the world. The current state of cannabis' ability to enlighten, even at its young state of evolution, should give us a clue that we could easily help evolve it into something that truly amazing. "Are we just gonna stand around?"

the underline under music | Reviewer: Rob | 1/28/09

The greatest thing about a great son is that everyone can get something personal out of it. Incubus is great at leaving the imagination open and everyone can get a message, that pertains to their life, from it. To me, the song is a message to everyone who has a goal but cant seem to dedicate themselves enough to live it. I think he's pretty much saying that if you want it, dont wait for the end of the world, grab it by the gonads and run with it.

*sigh* | Reviewer: Josh | 12/2/08

The song is about waiting behind somebody at some traffic light's and having road rage at this person because the traffic lights are green and that nperson should go, the 2012 refference is proberbly him just saying are we going to wait untill the end of the world for this guy to move, if it is any link to the end of the world at all, god people just over complicate things sometimes

its not about drugs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/08

im not a very smart person but the way i interpret this song is not like many others. i thing brandon boyd is a very smart individual and is trying to save the world through his music i'm not saying a am a bible thumper or anything but he is most likely talking about the end of the world " Are you going to stand around till 2012 A.D.". Very significant time in our lives maybe the world will end maybe it wont but the ones who procrastinate are the ones who are going to realize they chose lies. And if it doesn't end then procrastination is like masturbation u r still screwing urself in the end

The Meaning | Reviewer: Erik | 3/16/08

The meaning of this song is completely different to me than to any of the reveiws I read....I sincerely believe it has to do with the prophecies of 2012.....research might be suprised!!! lol. Transcend into Love. Choose or Loose. The World is at our fingertips.

song derives from | Reviewer: span | 12/26/07

Probably one of the top 5 incubus songs ever! (its hard to pick a number 1 when they have so many incredible tracks)

The song comes from Brandon sitting at the traffic lights, on green, and people in front being a bit slow to move

.. ii find this song emotional .. | Reviewer: *Fiona P* | 6/8/07

i loove this song of my favourites ..!! ..but now it has emotional impact to me ..i broke up with my boyfriend 'cause i was putting things off ..'when you procrastinate you choose last' ..sounds like me ..!! ..oh well ..awesome song ..!!

hey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/05

its fricking awesome dude, but im surprised you havent heard it if your a big incubus fan, its not exactly a new song...

wellll?? | Reviewer: Thor | 11/28/05

i have'nt heard it yet but i wonder how good the song is.i read the lrics and i liked them, and im a bigincubus fan. if anyone has heard it tell about it.