Centinex Albums

  • Decadence - Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos Album (11/3/2004)
    Arrival Of The Spectrum Obscure Misanthropic Darkzone
    Misanthropic Darkzone
    Target: Dimension XII
    Deathstar Unmaasked
    A Dynasty Of Obediance
    Mechanical Future
    Cold Deep Supremacy
    New World Odyssey

  • Diabolical Desolation Album (3/19/2002)
    Demonic Warlust
    Forthcoming Terror
    Spawned To Destroy
    Soul Crusher
    Diabolical Desolation
    On Violent Soil
    Total Misanthropia
    The Bloodline
    A War Symphony
    Hellfire Twilight

  • Hellbrigade Album (5/8/2001)
    Towards Devastation
    One With Eternity
    In The Eyes Of The Dead
    Emperor Of Death
    Last Redemption
    Blood Conqueror
    Neverending Hell

  • Apocalyptic Armageddon Album (3/15/2000)
    Apocalyptic Armageddon
    Seeds of Evil
    Everlasting Bloodshed

  • Bloodhunt Album (3/15/1999)
  • Reborn Through Flames Album (3/15/1998)
  • Reflections Album (3/15/1997)
  • Under The Blackened Sky Album (3/15/1993)
  • Subconcious Lobotomy Album (3/15/1992)

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