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The Ramones Chinese Rock Lyrics

Last updated: 12/16/2012 06:27:06 AM

Somebody calls me on the phone
Saying hey-hey-hey is arty home
You wanna take a walk
You wanna go cop
You wanna go and get some Chinese rock

I'm livin' on a Chinese rock
All my best things are in hock
I'm livin' on a Chinese rock
Everything is in the pawn shop

The plasters fallin' off the wall
My girlfriends cryin' in the shower stall
It's hot as a bitch
I should've been rich
But I'm just diggin' a Chinese ditch

Thanks to Tyler B for submitting Chinese Rock Lyrics.

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Ene Of The Century | Reviewer: Shazzer | 10/15/2006

This is a great cover for the Johnny Thunders original. Also The Ramones' re-release and remastered 'End Of The Century' CD, originally produced by Phil Spector, has some real goodies on the tail end of it. As follows:Danny Says, I'm Affected, Please Don't Leave, All The Way and finally Do you remember Rock and Roll Radio? are all demos, they sound like it but because the engineering is different than the original cuts it brings a newness and a quality of vitization to the Ramones sound that remains unparalled. This CD is worth buying. I Love The Ramones, ask yourself, Do I?

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