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"Tonight, tonight, we gather the dead. (tonight, tonight)
Tonight, tonight, off with your head."

"You'll never guess what's up [3x]
my muckin' head blew up"

[Violent J]
She was lovely, long hair, short, nice figure though
So at the funeral, it made me cry, watch her die
I cannot lie, I couldn't sleep but a wink
I only think about my lady, I miss my baby
I need her by my side, to hold me, to squeeze me

I still have pictures, but all they do is tease me
I see my therapist, he only tells me I'm in trouble
I want my baby back, so now I pack a shovel
And while I'm digging, it's awfully dark and kinda funny
Don't dig too fast or to see things could get bloody
I watch my baby, I hit the top of baby's coffin
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I thinking, she's better off inside if she died
Nah, she needs me, I can tell my baby wants me
Cuz every night at 2:15, my baby haunts me
I prey it open, the odor hits me, there she is
I lean down to give her a kiss because I need a...

[Chorus (1x)]
Girl that make me happy, a girl that make me cry
A girl that passed away back in 1985
A girl I plan to marry, a girl I plan to wed
A girl that I can choke because my baby is already dead

Cemetery lady, my cemetery girl
Cemetery baby, I want you in my world
Cemetery woman, we can still be down
You're more than just a corpse, to a psychopathic clown

"Fuck yeah, motherfucker
I don't want no stuck up
Little sassy rassy bitch
Ya know what I'm saying
I want me a cold stanky bitch
So bring it on, dead momma"

[Violent J]
She's as lovely as always, my baby hasn't changed
Except for the hole that's in her forehead, you can see her brains
Nevertheless, our love is still forever true
Her eyes have withered, her skin has now a tint of blue
My baby's dusty and dirty, and wrinkled clothes
And now I notice, the maggots chewed off all her toes
The earth has been rather cruel to my darling sugar
Is that a bug upon her face? oh, it's just a booger
I lean her head back to kiss her cracking lips
And then her neck cracks, also does her hips
I must be gentle, my baby girl's a little rusty
A little dusty, but most of all, a little musty
I notice that, when we lay together on the lawn
We lay till dawn, I notice her left eye is gone
We said goodbye and everything turned out alright
I'll see you again tomorrow night, because I need a...

[Chorus (1x)]

Check it out, bitch!
You ain't getting stank, skank
Get your asses shoveling
and dig you up a lil somthin somthin
Them clamey graveyard bitches

you'll never guess whats up[x7]

[Chorus (1x)]

girl that make me happy [x4]


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LISTEN AND READ GUD | Reviewer: u me | 5/6/12


Haters you don't know jack shit bout us! | Reviewer: Juggalette_Kenzie | 7/14/11

Haters i have to agree with shawna. everything she stated was right about us! im a 17 year old Juggalette! i have down with the clown since i was 11! i to have been down for 7 years! yea as she had stated watch interviews made with insane clown posse! insane clown posse is christian! they stand by God through and through! haters u seriously need to find a better hobby then dissing and hating on us! what have we Jugggalos and Juggalettes ever done to u? NOTHING! so yeah quit listening to our music and get a life! i to have lived a healthy fullfilling life! i got your back shawna! we Juggalettes need to stick together! LOVE U MY JUGGALONATION FAM! MMFWCL WHOOP WHOOP! <3

Down with the clown for life | Reviewer: Shawna | 12/27/10

I'm a 21 year old juggalette and I have been for 7 years. To all those that say ICP is just about death and all look up some of their interviews. Stop hating on what they write about and listen to what they say. Yes, we do live by the songs but the meaning behind the words which you all do not hear. Tear apart an ICP song its about god and respect so yeah haters lay off

reply to last comment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/10

First off, don't write a strongly worded opinion without proper grammar and, let's see, "strong words". I am 18 and I am not goth and I never have been. I get good grades and I live a healthy life. I'm not one who needs therapy. I would sport a ICP shirt if I had one, but for the most part I were decent clothes. However, I love this song, in fact, I love ICP. I don't live by this song, and I agree that if people live by this song, it would be wrong. BUT, hardly anyone actually lives by this song. I find it hilarious and I just "enjoy" listening to this song like anyone else. Next time, don't judge. By aware that not everyone is the same.

oh my | Reviewer: mo murda | 2/1/10

honestly anyone that listens to this song and thinks its appropriate is honestly mentally lackin something and definitely should encounter a psychologist. this song scares the shit of me, and its not like i'm some biased 30 year old mom, i'm 17 and i used to be fuckin gothic and this shit honestly is for some catatonic schizophrenic people and it is not acceptable. this is some scary bullshit and yall are crazy. seriously, this is ridiculous. hopefully someday yall will realize this

juggalette is wut i be!!!! | Reviewer: *Callie* | 11/30/07

This song is like so b.a. I love songs that are just like out there and this is wayyyy out there!!! I havent been a juggalette 4 that long but i hav long enough to know it rox!!!!

god i love being a juggalette | Reviewer: dalette | 9/9/07

i love this song my boyfriedns says it kinda makes him think of me cuz the gurl i plan to marry a gurl to make me happy those parts but i love this song for the lyrics most of all the beat but i'm a juggalette so i love all their music lol

WoW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/07

I love this sing my bf said would sing this for me if i died cuz im short and have long hair and we are planning on getting married!!!!

WOW! | Reviewer: Murdoc Niccals | 8/5/05

I love this song. It reminds me of me. (dont ask) Well, this is a good song ^_^

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