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This night, walk the dead
In a solitary style
And crash the cemetery gates.
In the dress your husband hates
Way down, mark the grave
Where the search lights find us
Drinking by the mausoleum door
And they found you on the bathroom floor

I miss you, I miss you so far
And the collision of your kiss that made it so hard

Back home, off the run
Singing songs that make you slit your wrists
It isn't that much fun, staring down a loaded gun
So I won't stop dying, won't stop lying (are you there at all?)
If you want I'll keep on crying (do you care at all?)
Did you get what you deserve? (are you there at all?)
Is this what you always want me for?

I miss you, I miss you so far
And the collision of your kiss that made it so hard

Way down, way down
Way down, way down
Way down, way down
Way down, way down

I miss you, I miss you so far
And the collision of your kiss that made it so hard

When will I miss you, when will I miss you so far
And the collision of your kiss that made it so hard
Made it so hard

Way down, way down
Way down, way down
Way down, way down
Way down, way down
Way down...

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Haven't heard this song in years... | Reviewer: Quincy | 4/26/12

The first verse doesn't have to be taken literally. On a surface level interpretation, "in the dress your husband hates" implies cheating, but it could also be viewed as a metaphor for someone escaping from or rebelling against an unpleasant home life. The first few lines have a rebellious tone like this as well. They would run away from everything, partially by drinking (which is stated in the song, but it's probably a safe bet that drugs were involved too).
The first impression most people get is that "they found you on the bathroom floor" means suicide. This is not necessarily the case. The aforementioned alcohol and possible drugs are also a very likely cause, considering the location. If so, then the same way they found freedom is also how they died, which is ironic in a tragic way.
Naturally their former partner in misery, now left alone to cope, is struggling. There is not only the despair of losing someone, but combined with the fact that they were involved with the alcohol and/or drugs would have made them very emotional and irrational. "Is this what you always want me for?" sounds bitter, like they might feel abandoned and even blame the other person for leaving them behind, or maybe they were never so important after all and they only stuck around for the drugs/alcohol and lack of a better option. But all in all, they really did miss them. The same conflict and irrational thoughts probably made suicide seem appealing.
However, none of that was true. The "Don't do it" in the background could represent advice from the one who is dead who truly does care and wants their friend to go on living.
I need to cut this short before I start crying in the middle of class. XD I really like songs like this where you have to dig deep to find the real message. A lot of My Chemical Romance's songs are like that, which is why I like them so much, but they can also be so tragic! It really gets a person's empathy going. :')

iLy MCR :) | Reviewer: Andre | 3/16/11

Just an amazing song. It's about ( I think ) a boy who's in love with a married woman. Who was being beaten by her husband. In those hard times, she'd go to the boy. And they loved each other. Until one day her husband found out, and killed her [ they found you in the bathroom floor ] and the boy is left alone, the first verse he's at her grave and is approached by her at the cemetery [ghost] wearing the dress that her husband hates as it says, later on [staring down the
barrel of a loaded gun] the boy was contemplating suicide. "did you get what you deserve?" she died, and he's asking if she deserved that for cheating.. Gerard is a total genious. MCR is one of the greatest Bands to ever take the stage

Ohhhh god :) | Reviewer: Samantha | 3/2/11

My Chemical Romance has gotton me past the past few years. <3 Their pictures are alllll over my room and whenever my friends come in they're like "who,the,hell?" I just say "Music,something you don't listen to." :)

beautiful song. | Reviewer: party poison | 12/2/10

Honestly this song is amazing. I don't care what anyone says. You can hear in the background someone whispering "don't do it". This song gives me chills it's so good. That's why i don't get why there was an article blaming them for a girls suicide because if anything they do they opposite of that. It's amazing how blind people are and can talk about this band without knowing anything about them. They're such a great band, and always have been.

This song, to me. | Reviewer: MintySinty | 7/14/10

To me, the style of the music at its various points speaks more to the emotion than even the words can. Soft during those quiet moments when even the craziest things can happen. Louder, when it's realized what was done. Crying out when it's all said and done and the person is lost. I won't say MCR has been there for me during trying times (except during high school with "I'm Not Okay" but high school is trying for everyone, right?) but this song definitely reminds me of people I knew back then and even now who always came to me asking for reasons to live. Despite the advice I would give them, the best I could give was to think about those who would miss them if they ended it all. To rethink it for everyone else's sakes if they couldn't stand to remain alive for their own sakes. "Is this what you always want me for?" Was I just an advice dispenser, or am I allowed to be one of those people who will miss them and cry for them and wish they had never left? I fear one friend I lost contact with might have succumbed. If he did, and if I had anything to do with it for refusing to fake my love for him, then I'll think of him when this song plays.

<3 | Reviewer: Laurahhmazing | 4/27/10

Beautiful song. Probably on of their best. I have no clue where I'd be without My Chemical Romance. There aren't exact words to describe my love & respect for My Chemical Romance. I'm stoked for the new album. I'm their biggest fan (since 2004) Keep on rocking (:

thank you | Reviewer: MCR saved my life | 3/14/10

this is such a beautiful song and i can't wait for the new album... mcr have quite literally saved my life on numerous occations, they have helped me through a time where i felt the world was against me and i felt alone, without them i'd be sat in a padded room or worse... i just wish there was a way for me to thank them :/

Amazinqq | Reviewer: Sara | 2/22/10

I can't express how much I love mcr! Ppl look at my locker and say "who are those emo ppl" and i just turn around and say" they're not emo they're an amazinqq band and they're dressed dat way bc of the record label made them(black parade clothinqq) I love dat ppl qot toqether and combianed meaninqful and deep lyrics with rock to make an amazinqq band! Mcr had helped mehh thru alot I've been thru depression and felt totally suicidal and then I started litseninq to them and I learned to love life! Mcr is by far the most amazinqq band eve lonq live Mcr<3

<3 | Reviewer: mcrsaveslives<3 | 2/12/10

I love this song!<3 laura: its also about an ill mother, who's got mental issues I think...it's on a vid on youtube, but there's loads of ways to intepret 'Mama', but I suppose it's what it means to you that really matters and what counts <3

MCR<3 | Reviewer: nikki | 11/15/09

mcr has been therr and been through alot and saved lives they helped someone very close 2 me for tht i owe them so much!!!!(<3bob)
they also helped me 2 when im down..i listen 2 a song..i usually listen 2 this song..BUT I NEVER CUT EWW! and the ghost of you...KEEP MCR ALIVE

Love this song- and response to comment about mama | Reviewer: laura | 10/10/09

mickey- i totally agree wiht you about everything except "mama". mama does have a point to it! it can totally be interpreted as about war and the horrors of war. the cannons in the background and all of the references (ex. they are in hell and to writing a letter to his mother back at home). it's brilliant- like every other mcr song. and like cemetary drive, which i can't get out of my head at the moment. thank you gerard for bringing your music to my life.

Oh wow. | Reviewer: Ugly | 6/21/09

This song speaks to me. Not only because I have been there... (slitting your wrists, staring down a loaded gun) but because I have also gone through the process of living while those have gave into their desire for death. OMG! you can hear the whispers of 'don't do it' about one minute into the song.

Brilliant song <3 | Reviewer: Zoe | 3/29/09

I used to think that this song was about how a girl was cheating on her husband, and she killed herself from the guilt of it or something.
Now I see that this song is about losing someone close to you.
Long live MCR!!! <3333

wow! | Reviewer: Sydney | 12/31/08

i luv dis so much!there sooo good! and i have agree with hte perso who said that they cant find a fault with the 2 albums at all exsept i LUV every single one of da songs!!! there awsome!

ajdhfu&^%*&^&^&c fhsuifh ispdoic*@#%&*hkl;f
:thats German for "see you later!!"

love them | Reviewer: black cat freak from asia | 10/5/08

i just love mcr.and this song is really nice. n i just cant stop listening to their songs. but i dont hav their 1st album. but hav listened to 3 songs from 1st album. they're great. but other songs r great as well. its a shame that not so many people around here listen to them.

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