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Celtic Woman is the realisation of a dream for Composer and
Musical Director, David Downes and Show Producer, Sharon
Browne. Together with Dave Kavanagh, Executive Producer of
the Show, they created Celtic Woman to feature the very
special talents of four young Irish female vocalists and a
very exciting young fiddle player.The five women vocalists,
Chloe, Lisa, Meav and Órla and fiddle player Mairead are
led by David Downes, a prodigious young Irish talent, who
has previously worked as musical director of Riverdance.
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Submit Celtic Woman New Lyrics

Review about Celtic Woman songs
EXIT #2 | Reviewer: Bruce McKenna
    ------ About the song May It Be performed by Celtic Woman

Yu bet, Been looking for the exit song (to be played in the church / memorial hall.....whatever). This song will bring the rimples to your dimples. Yes, it's a long journey, but we have friends, and they'll get us through to the next level. Our quest.....finished or not, is all we had to try. Definitely turns my crank!!!!!!!
PS: 2nd runner-up is Heaven...Chris Rea and 3rd is UnderTow...Genesis.
Chech 'em out.

This just might be my "EXIT" song | Reviewer: Dave Grundfos
    ------ About the song May It Be performed by Celtic Woman

Can't believe I'm 1st ! What a heart warming song with melody and voice that rock's one to the soul. I can't help but picture Frodo in his daunting quest to destroy "THE RING". Of course it's a Good Bye song, thus, the title, which I'm considering requesting being played when the
EXIT happens.......does it to me!

Beautiful | Reviewer: Hana
    ------ About the song You'll Be In My Heart performed by Celtic Woman

This song reminds me of my boyfriend and I. We've been dating for near five months now and he has being cross dressing and wearing my clothes for two of those months. When he told his parents they were very peeved and now are trying to keep us apart. This song perfectly describes my feelings for him- particuarly the 'don't listen to them' verse.

Suantrai | Reviewer: Chris MVK
    ------ About the song Suantrai performed by Celtic Woman

Personally, I am enchanted w/what ever Celtic Woman performs! Those amazing, clear, angelic voices; hearing Gaelic speech sung in the occasional song here & there & such a beautiful language! I wish I could learn it today. I would love to know if someone could give me a phonetic speech version of the above title (that would fall under the category of "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Speaking Gaelic" more or less) & maybe an english translation so I understand not just how to say the words but what they mean as well. It's such an hypnotically beautiful song but I could say that about all their songs! How elegant are their harmonies! The sound of Celtic music will always make me wish some where in my pure bread mutt heritage, there may just be a hint of Irish. Well, I have red hair & maybe that's something at least! Of course these days there's more of the red color coming from Clairol & less of the original genetic version!

One of the most moving songs ever.... | Reviewer: Barbara Nickle
    ------ About the song The Blessing performed by Celtic Woman

This song brings me to tears. I don't experience it as a song from one person to another, but rather as a song sung to me (and everyone else)from God. This is His love, His support, His blessing, always available to us no matter how hurt or lost we are - "when you're wounded and you don't belong, when you no longer hear my song, my blessing goes with you" gets me every time.

Lisa Kelly's tender voice is perfect for the lyrics, as is the simple piano accompaniment on the Celtic Woman "Lullaby" CD. What a gift of inspiration...thank you so much!

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: John Shaughnessy
    ------ About the song Caledonia performed by Celtic Woman

The song Caledonia is simply beautiful. Last summer my wife and I travelled much of Ireland and while sitting in The Towers Pub in Westport, County Mayo, a musician with guitar in hand prefaced his singing of Dougie McLean's song with these words; "This should be Scotland's national anthem". I couldn't agree more! John P. Shaughnessy

Caledonia make me feels like home | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Caledonia performed by Celtic Woman

I'm mexican, and I'm proud of the mexican folk music. Recently I become a Celtic Music Fan. I've studing and reserching this traditional music and I found Caledonia. The best lyric and song I ever heard. It seems to me like the identity of Celtic Spirit, with a taste of sorrow.
I wish to visit that dreamed land and hear this song over an over in site

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG!! | Reviewer: Jesus Fernandez
    ------ About the song Siuil A Run (Walk My Love) performed by Celtic Woman

This song is so beautiful, with 2 different languages, it keeps you entertained, yet somehow, you feel like you know the Celtic lyrics. I can't help but sing along when I listen to this song. It is simply wonderful.

This song moves me | Reviewer: Barbara Bigley Czencz
    ------ About the song Caledonia performed by Celtic Woman

This song is amazing. It reaches into you and just makes you wonder how you have ever lived without hearing it before. It moves me to tears and smiles and just feeling wonderful.
Thank you so much for it.

father daughter | Reviewer: rayleen
    ------ About the song You Raise Me Up performed by Celtic Woman

When my daughter got married a member of our church played YOu raise me Up on her violin which also happened to be one of the grooms &brides favorite string instrument) and if you knew the realationship between my daughter and her dad that song was very apporite

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