Celtic Thunder Lyrics

Celtic Thunder is a new group and concert special featuring
five Celtic male vocalists: Paul Byrom (age 28, Dublin,
Ireland), George Donaldson (age 39, Glasgow, Scotland),
Keith Harkin (age 20, Derry, Northern Ireland), Ryan Kelly
(age 28, Moy in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland) and Damian
McGinty (age 14, Derry, Northern Ireland). Taped August
2007 at the Helix in Dublin, the group’s debut performance
is a celebration of Celtic heritage and men—their loves,
attitudes, individuality, power and strength, throughout
life’s journey. More...

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Submit Celtic Thunder New Lyrics

Review about Celtic Thunder songs
Haunting | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Turning Away performed by Celtic Thunder

Warning: This song is addicting. Once it's in your head, it won't go away. Performed by Celtic Thunder, it has passion and enduring presence. Hear it once, and you like it. Hear it twice, and you love it. Hear it a third time and it will haunt you.

Home from the sea | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Home From The Sea performed by Celtic Thunder

I heard this song on the radio last night and immediately thought of our wonderful rescue workers who have helped out in the recent devasting Queensland floods. It was a different rescue to the song, but our "angels" also risked their lives to save the lives of others.

Correct lyrics to this song | Reviewer: Samantha Flory
    ------ About the song Hallelujah performed by Celtic Thunder

Now I heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the LORD but you dont really care fo music,do ya? Well it goes like this the fourth,or fith minor fall in a major lift baffled King composing Halleluja......{the rest of the song is correct they just got the beggining wrong!!!}

Best vocal of all versions | Reviewer: Susan Sterios
    ------ About the song All I Want For Christmas Is You performed by Celtic Thunder

I heard Mariah and Justin last night and I kept wondering why they bothered. Your version puts theirs to shame and they should be sorry they spent the time and money on the video. The lighting of the tree in NY where their video was premiered was insulting and very unclassy. Too bad they destroyed a fabulous song. Tell Keith to be proud of his version. It's incredible.

Whiskey in the Jar-o | Reviewer: darcy
    ------ About the song Whiskey In The Jar performed by Celtic Thunder

Love the song!! so easy to sing along to, once I know the ACTUAL words{ that mush a ring dum a do line really had me confused}.. I love all the songs on their Heritage album currently the only one I have... some of the Celtic words are a bit daunting in a few songs with more Celtic influence, but these guys are VERY VERY entertaining.

Poignant memories | Reviewer: Joy
    ------ About the song Gold & Silver Days performed by Celtic Thunder

This song is beautiful. The last three lines, especially: "Through the years we all were scattered, but the friends we made back then/ were the friends we could rely on everafter." I have friends today that I met when growing up. I know that I can count on them. This song made me appreciate them all the more.

Working Man | Reviewer: Dianna Arthur
    ------ About the song Working Man performed by Celtic Thunder

Brings back memories of seeing my father walking up a cobbled road, towards our home; after working all night in the coal mines. No matter how warm the weather my father always enjoyed the "sun". He told me once, when he was at work, he would hold that sunshine in his mind and heart.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Lauren
    ------ About the song Lauren & I performed by Celtic Thunder

Every time I listen to this I actually cry a bit because it's just so beautiful. Keith Harkins accent/voice just makes it and I cannot even explain how special I felt when I found this song cause, well shawty gets all these real nice rap songs about her so why can't someone else get a normal song :')
This is just beautiful though, there is no other word for it <3

Wonderful!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) performed by Celtic Thunder

I think George Donaldson does a fantastic job singing this song!!! It is one of my favorites!! My husband and 4 year old Grandson sings it all the time!! The Celtic Thunder is such a wonderful group!!! We will be seeing them this year in the USA Keep up the wonderful music
Vicki Jones A Very big fan

my review on this song | Reviewer: unknownpersonality
    ------ About the song Love Thee Dearest performed by Celtic Thunder

At first I didn't like this song. Then I looked up the words and realized why I couldn't understand anything past the first stanza--the words are in another language!

But I really like this song. If anyone knows what the rest of the song means (English translation!) could you post it on this page?

Thank you in advance.

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